5 of the Best Lawsuit Loan Companies in California 

If you're in search of a reputable lawsuit funding company in California, Ally Lawsuit Loans has curated a list featuring the top five highly rated companies for you.

These pre-settlement loan companies have a positive online reputation from their reviews. Read on to learn more about the best lawsuit loan companies in California.

1. Fund Capital America 

7966 Beverly Blvd. Suite 112 Los Angeles, CA 90048  / Website / Application Form / Google Reviews

Fund Capital America

Fund Capital America stands as California's premier expert in lawsuit funding. Drawing from our extensive experience in the personal injury field, we've crafted a Financial Relief Program that aids both plaintiffs and law firms in securing the necessary funds for the plaintiff's daily expenses while their case is pending. Fund Capital America extends funding for various types of cases and lawsuits.

FCA Legal Funding has an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars with 222 online reviews.


Their response time was quick, and customer service was A+++!

"Will definitely use them again on some other cases moving forward. Thank you again FCA!"

– Adrian Bo via Google

2. Nova Legal Funding 

11601 Wilshire Blvd Suite 410 Los Angeles, CA 90025  / Website / Application Form / Google Reviews

Nova Legal Funding

Nova Legal Funding is a pre-settlement funding firm located in Los Angeles, CA offering cash advances to individuals involved in personal injury cases, leveraging their future settlement awards. Our funding operates on a non-recourse basis, meaning repayment is contingent on the plaintiff's successful case outcome. If the lawsuit is lost, there is no obligation to repay. We fund various types of cases, but we specialize in personal injury loans.

Nova Legal Funding has 525 online reviews with a 4.7 out of 5 star rating.


My experience with Nova Legal Funding was a very sweet one.

"They did not take me through all these changes others would have. All was simple and straightforward. I wish must funding agencies were more like them."

– Albert Weston via Google

3. Uplift Legal Funding

2444 Wilshire Blvd Ste 511 Santa Monica, CA 90403  / Website / Application Form / Google Reviews

Uplift Legal Funding

Uplift Legal Funding was founded in 2017 providing lawsuit loans to plaintiffs in need, offering a distinct advantage over traditional loans – no strings attached, and no spending restrictions. We encourage our clients to use the funds exclusively for necessary living and medical expenses.

Uplift Legal Funding has 98 reviews with a 4.9-star rating.


They responded quick in answering all of my questions and were very helpful.

"They worked with my lawyers and got me an approval fast. I would recommend them to anyone that need immediate help and fast service. I’d definitely use them again if needed."

– Cortney White via Google

4. Forward Legal Funding 

468 N. Camden Drive, Suite 200, Beverly Hills CA 90210  / Website / Google Reviews

Forward Legal Funding

Forward Legal Funding provides pre-settlement legal funding for plaintiffs who may be facing financial burden of medical bills and day-to-day expenses while their cases remain unresolved. Under such pressure, they may be compelled to settle for substantially less than they rightfully deserve. Forward was founded to offer a prompt and dependable solution, delivering pre-settlement funding to plaintiffs until their cases reach resolution.

Forward Legal Funding has 143 reviews with a 5-star rating.


I was taken care of, and they looked out for my best interest.

"Providing me with funding during a difficult time. I could not have asked for a better representation... Five stars,I highly recommend others to turn to Forward Legal Funding LLC."

– Sandra Garcia via Google

5. Pro Legal Funding

 225 E Broadway Suite 309, Glendale, CA 91205  / Website / Application Form / Google Reviews

Pro Legal Funding

Pro Legal Funding offers swift and uncomplicated plaintiff funding, supporting both pre-settlement financial needs and assisting clients in overcoming financial hardships. Additionally, we provide essential resources when insurance coverage falls short of covering necessary medical care. We are also prepared to purchase existing medical liens. This not only ensures medical providers have the necessary cash flow, particularly in cases that may take years to settle, but it also guarantees your clients receive the best care possible through our resources.

Pro Legal Funding has a 5-star rating with 63 online reviews.


As soon as I called they got right to helping me gathering all the information they needed.

"I am well pleased with their services to their customers and people they just meet. No matter how things go. This place is better than oasis..."

– Michael Calloway via Google

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