Lawsuit Loans in Georgia

lawsuit loans georgia

If you can’t wait for your settlement to maintain financial stability after an accident, you aren’t alone. Plaintiffs in Georgia often struggle to pay for basic expenses while recovering from their injuries, including rent, food, and more.

At Ally Lawsuit Loans, we understand the pressure that a personal injury puts on plaintiffs and their families. That’s why we offer lawsuit loans in Georgia to plaintiffs injured due to the negligence of another.

The Difference Between a Traditional Loan and a Lawsuit Loan

Also known as pre-settlement funding, lawsuit loans aren’t exactly like traditional loans. While lawsuit loans also carry an interest rate, they are completely non-recourse, which means you don’t have to pay back the loan unless you win your case. In addition, lawsuit loans in Georgia don’t require a credit check or income verification. Instead, application approval depends on the overall strength of the case.

Georgia Laws for Legal Funding

Like other states, Georgia has a few laws and regulations regarding pre-settlement funding. For example, plaintiffs must not have any liens against their case from another lender and cannot apply for pre-settlement funding if they already received a lawsuit loan from another lender.

In addition, the state of Georgia’s statute of limitations gives plaintiffs two years to file a personal injury lawsuit. This means that plaintiffs must claim their damages as soon as possible to remain entitled to compensation.

Finally, Georgia adheres to a modified comparative fault statute, which means that a plaintiff must be less than 50% responsible for their injury to receive compensation. This means that if the plaintiff is 30% responsible for their injuries, the court reduces their possible compensation by 30%.

How to Apply for Georgia Lawsuit Loans

Applying for a pre-settlement cash advance in Georgia is quick and easy! First, fill out an application with your name, phone number, case information, and contact details for your attorney. After that, we handle the rest.

We contact your attorney to get the details we need about your case that help us determine your eligibility. During this process, we don’t need to look up your credit history or receive income verification.

If we approve your application, we send you a cash advance within 24 hours.

Apply for One of Our Instant Loans in Georgia Today

If you sustain injuries in an accident and need help staying financially afloat, consider applying for one of our instant loans in Georgia.

At Ally Lawsuit Loans, we have the best interest rates around, and our pre-settlement funding is risk-free. Most importantly, you can use your cash advance for almost anything, including rent, mortgage payments, groceries, gas, utilities, and more.

To learn more about our lawsuit loans in Georgia or to receive a free case evaluation, contact one of our funding specialists today at 844-725-8619. We send approved applicants a cash advance within 24 hours.