Types of Lawsuit Loans

Wrongful Imprisonment Lawsuit Loans

Despite the fact that one of the founding principles of our criminal justice system is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, sometimes innocent people face imprisonment and conviction for crimes they did not commit. Unfortunately, this happens too often. If you faced a conviction for a crime you did not commit, you are probably all too familiar with this fact. Luckily, sometimes people convicted of crimes they did not commit are found innocent. If that happens, they are released from prison and their records expunged. With that said, if you find yourself in this situation, what do you do? Luckily, you can hold the government accountable for wrongfully convicting and imprisoning you. To do so, you can file a false imprisonment lawsuit in civil court. The damages you can claim are equal to the damages you suffered as a result of your wrongful imprisonment. That includes economic damages like lost wages and non-economic damages like emotional distress and mental anguish.  Still, however, lawsuits can take a long time. When you get out of prison and have a backlog of bills to pay, what should you do? Knowing that recently imprisoned people might find themselves in a financial bind, it is not uncommon for governments to lowball their initial settlement offers. In that situation, you are left with two seemingly bad choices: Do you take the lowball settlement offer and pay your bills now but fail to fully recover damages, or fight the case to the end, recover all the damages you are owed, but risk having bills sent to collections? Neither option bodes well for you, but there is a third option: take out a wrongful imprisonment lawsuit loan. In doing so, you can fight your case to the end and make sure you pay your bills in the meantime. Ally Lawsuit Loans can help you with the third option. What Is a Wrongful Imprisonment Lawsuit Settlement Loan? You can bolster your false imprisonment lawsuit with a lawsuit settlement loan from Ally Lawsuit Loans. A lawsuit loan is a unique type of loan. Lawsuit loans are unique because they are a type of non-recourse loan. Most loans are recourse loans. That means that in the event of a default, a lender can go after a borrower and seek compensation from the borrower’s assets. The same is not true for non-recourse loans like false imprisonment lawsuit settlement loans.  Instead, with non-recourse loans, a lender can only seek repayment through specified collateral. With a lawsuit loan, that specific collateral is the eventual lawsuit settlement itself. Thus, if you take out a false imprisonment lawsuit loan, your lender can seek repayment only through your eventual lawsuit settlement (or financial award). That means that if you don’t win your case or don’t take a settlement, you don’t have to repay the loan. In other words: lawsuit loans are as risk-free as it gets. Ally Lawsuit Loans can offer you the best rates in the lawsuit loan business for your wrongful imprisonment lawsuit case.  How Can a Wrongful Imprisonment Settlements Loan Help Me? The main way that a wrongful imprisonment settlement loan can help you is to alleviate any immediate financial pressure you are feeling. By alleviating the pressure of your immediate bills, a settlement loan can help you ensure that you fight your case to the end while you avoid any extra financial penalties for doing so. Your false imprisonment settlement loan will help you ensure that you recover all the damages you suffered. Without recovering the entirety of that sum, justice is not done. Can I Take out a Wrongful Imprisonment Settlement Loan? If you are interested in taking out a false imprisonment settlement loan, there are only a few requirements. All you need to show on your loan application is that you were wrongfully imprisoned, are filing a false imprisonment lawsuit, and have retained the services of an attorney to help you with your claim. That’s it. At Ally Lawsuit Loans we don’t need to look at your employment history, your credit, or your assets. All we need to know is that you are filing a claim with an attorney on your side. We take care of the rest.  How Do I Apply for a Wrongful Imprisonment Settlement Loan? Applying for wrongful imprisonment settlement loans through Ally Lawsuit Loans is a simple process. All you need to do to get started with us is provide us with your personal information, a little information about your claim, and the contact information of your attorney. We will get in touch with your attorney to verify the information you provided. Then, with the help of your attorney, we will calculate how much your lawsuit is worth and what your chances of success are. Using that information, we will determine how much we can loan you and at what rate. At Ally Lawsuit Loans, we are proud to offer a guarantee of the best possible interest rate for you and your false imprisonment settlement loan. How Much Are False Imprisonment Lawsuits Worth? How much wrongful imprisonment lawsuits are worth depends entirely on the circumstances of the case at hand. What your individual case is worth depends on things like: The length of your wrongful imprisonment;Your missed wages during the time of imprisonment; andAny other damages you suffered as a result of your wrongful imprisonment.  These factors will all affect your eventual settlement. As a result, they will affect the size of your false imprisonment settlement loan. For example, if you are wrongfully imprisoned for two years, your settlement and possible loan amount will be less than that of someone who was falsely imprisoned for five years. Similarly, if you had a job before your imprisonment, your settlement amount may exceed someone who was unemployed at the time of their imprisonment. There are a practically infinite number of circumstances that can alter how much your wrongful imprisonment lawsuit settlement is worth. Ready for a Wrongful Imprisonment Settlement Loan? If you were falsely imprisoned and are getting […]

3M Earplug Lawsuit Loans

3M has supplied the United States military with earplugs for decades. As it turns out, many of those earplugs were defective. Because they were defective, countless veterans suffered hearing loss and tinnitus after using them around weaponry. Over the years, more than 230,000 servicemen and women used the earplugs. While 3M stopped sales of the earplugs in 2015 and reached a $9.1 million settlement with the Department of Justice in 2018 after a whistleblower complaint, the company did so without admitting any wrongdoing.  Since 2015, however, many veterans have made the decision to initiate lawsuits against the company for damages related to their hearing loss. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of individuals who used 3M earplugs in the military and subsequently developed hearing loss, you may have a claim against the company. If you are considering filing a 3M hearing loss lawsuit but need cash now, a settlement or lawsuit loan from Ally Lawsuit Loans can help tide you over until you receive your 3M earplug lawsuit payout.  Aren’t sure what a lawsuit loan is? You’re not alone. Despite the fact that lawsuit loans are available all over the country, many people don’t know what they are. Read on for more about the pre-settlement funding you can get through Ally Lawsuit Loans. What Is the Current 3M Earplug Lawsuit Status? A recent development in litigation against 3M over their defective military earplugs came in July 2021. In July, a Florida jury awarded one plaintiff $1.7 million in damages. That particular trial is considered a “bellwether” trial. Bellwether trials are trials that test a given legal argument’s effectiveness in court. Oftentimes, bellwether trials concern individuals or small groups of individuals that are filing a lawsuit over something that many others are affected by. The bellweather trial is a sort of “test balloon” for future claims that may arise in that area, typically in the form of class-action lawsuits. As a result of the Florida ruling, it looks like individuals and groups who are considering suing 3M over the defective earplugs are likely to succeed in their claims. This wasn’t 3M’s only defeat either—the first bellwether trial judgment came in April 2021. In that case, a jury awarded three plaintiffs a total of $7.1 million. As you can see, the 3M earplug settlements are far from insignificant.  How Can a 3M Earplug Settlement Loan Help Me? At its core, a lawsuit loan can help you in your suit against 3M by ensuring that you are able to fight your case to the end. When defendants in civil cases are large corporations, they often try to offer individual plaintiffs lowball settlement offers that don’t fully compensate them for their damages. Their hope is that the plaintiff is desperate enough to get the whole process over with and that they will take whatever settlement offer is thrown at them. If you are in a financial bind, it’s easy to see the attraction in accepting such an offer. Bills pile up, and as they do, interest quickly accrues. With a lawsuit loan in your pocket, you can take care of your finances while your case runs its course. Since you have the means to weather the financial storm, you can hold out for the best possible settlement offer. How Do I Qualify for a 3M Earplug Settlement Loan? Generally, the only two requirements necessary to qualify for a lawsuit loan are: That you have filed a lawsuit in court regarding your claim; andThat you have a lawyer representing you in the claim. That’s it. No credit check; no employment check; no income verification. To pursue an earplug lawsuit against 3M, you need to show that you used the specific military-issued earplugs that are defective and that you later developed hearing loss that your lawyer can attribute to the faulty product. Of course, if you have a lawyer representing you in a lawsuit against 3M over these earplugs, we will know that you already fulfill these other requirements when we talk to your attorney. Applying for your pre-settlement funding with Ally Lawsuit Loans is a simple three-step process: First, you fill out the application on our website (including contact information for your attorney);Second, we review your application, verify everything with your attorney, and learn more about your specific situation from them; andFinally, we come back to you with a loan offer. If we approve your application and make you a loan offer, you can have cash in your pocket in as little as 24 hours. Best of all, if you don’t settle your lawsuit or if you lose in court, you won’t owe us a penny. Get Your 3M Settlement Funding from Ally Lawsuit Loans Today! Ally Lawsuit Loans is one of the nation’s top pre-settlement funding companies. We set ourselves apart from our competition with a three-part promise to you: Qualify within 24 hours;A lowest interest rate guarantee; andRepay $0 if you lose your case. With that guarantee backing you, a settlement loan from Ally Lawsuit Loans is a risk-free prospect. You shouldn’t have to choose between paying your bills on time and ensuring you get the most out of your settlement. However, with Ally on your side, you don’t have to make such a choice. Apply for your 3M settlement funding with Ally Lawsuit Loans today!

Paraquat Lawsuit Loans

If you are one of the thousands of individuals who developed Parkinson’s Disease after long-term exposure to Paraquat, you may have a claim for damages. In fact, given the degenerative nature of Parkinson’s Disease, if you are affected, you should file a lawsuit. If someone else is responsible for you developing the condition, you shouldn’t be responsible for dealing with it alone. Furthermore, because Parkinson’s Disease is a lifelong affliction, the settlements you can get for Paraquat Parkinson’s are substantial in size. If you are considering filing a lawsuit but need immediate financial assistance, taking out a settlement loan from Ally Lawsuit Loans can help you out of your financial bind. Read on for more information on settlement loans and Paraquat from the team at Ally Lawsuit Loans. What Is Paraquat? Paraquat is a widely used herbicide in many agricultural settings. It comes in many different products and name brands, but the most popular version is Gramoxone SL 2.0.  The chemical is perfectly legal to use in the United States, and it is effective. American farmers doubled their use of the substance in the decade between 2006 and 2016. Despite its legality and popularity in the US, Paraquat has a less than stellar safety profile. Because of that, more than 30 countries prohibit its use. The most significant concern about Paraquat is its link to Parkinson’s Disease. Many studies show that long-term exposure to even small amounts of Paraquat significantly increases an individual’s risk of developing the progressive neurodegenerative disease. On top of that, acute Paraquat poisoning is also a risk. Consumption of less than 10 mL of the chemical is potentially fatal. Recently, many affected individuals have sued the sellers and makers of Paraquat for damages related to their development of Parkinson’s disease. How Can a Lawsuit Loan Help My Paraquat Settlement? A lawsuit loan can help you ensure that you get the most out of your Paraquat settlement. How? By helping you see your case through to the end. If you have Parkinson’s, you are probably seeing your medical costs stack up quickly. If you find yourself unable to work, those bills are going to pile up even quicker. If you can’t pay those bills, they will accrue interest and take a bite out of your eventual settlement.  Knowing the potentially precarious financial situation that you are in, the defendant in your lawsuit is likely to give you lowball settlement offers at first. Their bet is that if you are financially desperate, you will choose to accept the lowball offer for short-term financial solvency. If you have a lawsuit loan, however, you can call their bluff. With cash in your pocket, you can take care of your bills now and not feel pressured to accept a lowball settlement offer. Essentially, a lawsuit loan can buy you the ability to see your case through to the end. How Do I Qualify for a Paraquat Lawsuit Loan? Qualifying for a Paraquat settlement loan with Ally Lawsuit Loans is a straightforward process. To qualify, you need to show us just two things: That you have an ongoing lawsuit against a civil defendant in a Paraquat case; andThat you have an attorney representing you in the lawsuit in question. That’s it. Once you fill out your application and include your attorney’s contact information, the process is still simple. We contact your attorney to verify your information and learn more about your case. Then, using that information, we put together a loan offer and bring it back to you. Finally, we give you cash, a check, or a money transfer: whatever you need. From start to finish, the whole process can take less than 24 hours. The best part is that if you lose your case, you don’t have to repay us a thing. As a result, you have nothing to lose in applying for a settlement loan. Get Started with Ally Lawsuit Loans Today At Ally Lawsuit Loans, our mission is to act as just that: an ally. The legal process can feel impersonal. Often, you might feel like it is you alone against the world. With an ally on your side, however, that pressure melts away. There are many lawsuit lenders in the United States today, but none of them offers you the same guarantees that we give you at Ally. The Ally promise has three parts: You can qualify for your loan within 24 hours;We guarantee the lowest interest (and fee) rate in the industry; andIf you lose in court or fail to settle out of court, you don’t have to repay a single penny. With that sort of guarantee backing your pre-settlement funding, you have nothing to lose. Get yourself an ally in your lawsuit by applying today for a settlement loan from Ally Lawsuit Loans!

Actos Lawsuit cash advance

Actos was a prescription drug manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceuticals and marketed by Eli Lilly and Company. The drug was used to treat type 2 diabetes. However, the drug was linked to significant injuries in those who used it. Many people suffered from things like an increased risk of developing bladder cancer and heart failure.  A series of cases in the 2010s accused the makers of Actos of destroying and downplaying evidence that linked the drug to bladder cancer specifically. While those lawsuits have been settled by now, many people either still suffer from the negative effects of Actos or have not received compensation for the damages that Actos caused them. As a result, the makers of Actos are currently on the receiving end of new litigation.  If you were injured by Actos and have not received compensation, you may still have a claim for damages. In the event that you decide to file a lawsuit against Actos’s makers and need cash, a lawsuit loan from Ally Lawsuit Loans can help you now. Actos Lawsuit Settlement Amounts The Actos settlement payouts from 2014 and 2015 are quite significant. One party’s Actos settlement amount was initially a $9 billion verdict. In that case, courts eventually reduced the final judgment to $36.8 million, but that was just one case. Later, as more claims rolled in, the lawsuits were consolidated into a class action case with roughly 9,000 parties in the class. The eventual Actos settlement agreement was $2.4 billion. And those are just the older cases that are all settled and paid out. In the case filed against Actos’ makers in 2020, lawyers for the plaintiff are seeking $10 million in damages. Thus, you can see that if Actos caused you damage, it is well worth your time and effort to file a claim. After all, the value of your Actos settlement is probably quite significant. When Will Actos Settlements Be Paid? Parties to the 2014 and 2015 lawsuits have already collected their settlements. However, as noted earlier, litigation is ramping up once again. If you are filing your own lawsuit against Actos, it is unclear when the official Actos settlement will occur. Litigation takes a long time. Furthermore, with damage amounts as high as they are in many of the Actos lawsuits, the litigation can take even longer. Because it is impossible to know when your lawsuit will eventually settle, it’s hard to plan your finances accordingly. Thus, if you need cash now, an Actos lawsuit settlement loan can bring you financial stability. Best of all, at Ally Lawsuit Loans, we guarantee that you will have your money within 24 hours of your loan’s approval.  How Can a Cash Advance Help Me? A cash advance will help you fight your case to the end, so you can maximize your eventual settlement. Often, powerful parties like insurance companies and other large corporations (like pharmaceutical drug manufacturers) will purposely offer parties with fewer resources a lowball settlement offer. A lowball settlement offer doesn’t account for all your damages, so it isn’t typically one that you want to accept. Entities with deep pockets know that the people suing them may find themselves in a financial bind. Their hope is that the other party will accept the lowball settlement offer out of financial necessity.  If you find yourself in this situation, it can feel like you are between a rock and a hard place with two equally bad options. Luckily, there is a third option available: a lawsuit loan. With a lawsuit loan, you get cash in your pocket straight away. With that cash, you can take care of your immediate financial needs so you can continue to fight your case to the end. That way, you maximize your chances of recovering all the damages you suffered.  How Does a Lawsuit Loan Work? A lawsuit loan, which we sometimes call a pre-settlement loan or pre-settlement cash advance, is a unique type of loan. Lawsuit loans are unique in that they are what is known as “non-recourse loans.” Most loans are recourse loans. If you take out a loan and later default on it, the lender can claim back the assets you put up as collateral. With a recourse loan, however, the lender can pursue recovery against the entirety of your assets if the collateral is not sufficient: house, car, land, investments—anything that you own.  Conversely, with a non-recourse loan, you specify the collateral in your initial loan agreement. When you default on a non-recourse loan, your lender can only seize whatever you put up as collateral. With lawsuit loans, which are a specific type of non-recourse loan, the collateral is your eventual settlement. Thus, if you default on your loan, your settlement is the only thing your lender can seize. The practical implications of this are that if you take out a lawsuit loan and lose or fail to settle your lawsuit, you don’t owe your lender anything. In that way, a lawsuit loan is risk-free. Ally Lawsuit Loans Can Help You Fight Your Actos Lawsuit to the End If you are filing an Actos lawsuit and need immediate financial assistance, Ally Lawsuit Loans can offer you a non-recourse lawsuit loan. That way, you can continue to fight your case until you get a settlement offer that covers the entirety of your damages.  There are three things that set Ally Lawsuit Loans apart from other lawsuit loan providers in the industry. First, once you apply for your loan, we will come back with an offer within 24 hours of your application. That way you can get cash in your pocket as soon as possible. Second, we offer the lowest rate in the industry guarantee. If someone else offers a better rate, we will match it. Finally, no matter the situation, if you lose your case or do not reach a settlement, you won’t owe us a penny.  Life won’t wait for your settlement, and you deserve an ally. You have one in Ally Lawsuit Loans, so […]

Essure Lawsuit Loans

Essure was a birth control product produced by Bayer Pharmaceuticals. In 2018, Bayer halted Essure’s distribution in the United States after safety issues arose with the product. In the years before its discontinuation, thousands of women suffered severe injuries after using Essure.  If you are one of those women, you can sue Bayer for damages or join a recent class-action lawsuit.  In any case, settlements can take a while. If you are pursuing an Essure claim but need cash now, an Essure pre-settlement loan from Ally Lawsuit Loans may be just what you need. With a cash advance for your Essure lawsuit, you can pursue your claim to its fullest without dealing with added financial stress. What Was Wrong with Essure? Essure was an internal birth control device. Unlike an intrauterine device (IUD), which is implanted in a uterus to prevent pregnancy, Essure prevents pregnancy via fallopian tubes. The device, two short metal coils that are placed into each fallopian tube, prevents pregnancy by creating scar tissue in the fallopian tube opening and thus blocking the ovaries. The injuries that Essure caused were excruciating. Some women reported that Essure pierced the walls of their fallopian tubes, causing intense pain. Others reported that the product came loose entirely. In both instances, aside from excruciating pain, other medical complications have arisen, including reproductive health issues. This was the case for some of those affected who ended up needing hysterectomies to remove the device. These problems are widespread. In fact, the FDA tracks and publishes incidents of problems related to Essure each month. Bayer’s Settlement In 2020, Bayer agreed to a $1.6 billion settlement in an Essure class action lawsuit. The money is meant to account for the injuries that Essure caused to thousands of women over the years. The $1.6 billion is intended for distribution to individual plaintiffs as well as those joining the lawsuit as a class. Thus, if you were injured by Essure, you can join the class action suit or file an individual claim. A Settlement Loan Can Alleviate the Stress of the Legal Process We know the legal claims process is a stressful one. It is particularly stressful if you are still dealing with your injury. If you are in pain or otherwise continuing to suffer from your injuries, you may also be unable to work. This can cause financial stress on top of everything else.  An Essure lawsuit loan can help alleviate financial strain so you can fight your case to the end. Don’t let the responsible party bully you into accepting a lowball settlement offer by exploiting your financial situation. Instead, let Ally Lawsuit Loans help you with your immediate financial situation so you can take the time needed to get the full compensation you deserve. Contact Ally Lawsuit Loans Today for Essure Settlement Loans If you need financial help while the legal process takes its course, apply now with Ally Lawsuit Loans for your Essure settlement loan. You don’t need the added financial uncertainty on top of everything else, so let us provide some relief. We offer financing within 24 hours, provide the lowest rate in the industry guarantee, and strive to lead the industry in every way. For more information on our lawsuit loans, be sure to check out our frequently asked questions page. 

Lawsuit loans for truck accidents

The immediate physical impact isn’t the only impact that a truck accident can have on your life. In fact, it is just the beginning. Depending on the crash, you might need surgery and even physical rehabilitation. All the while, you might find yourself unable to work. That is why you file a claim for damages with the responsible party. Lawsuits can take up to a few years to settle, and bills still need to be paid. So what do you do in the meantime? If you find yourself in need of financial help while your truck accident claim settles, a pre-settlement loan for truck accidents from Ally Lawsuit Loans is just what you need. Frequently Asked Questions on Semi-Truck Accident Loans If this is the first you are hearing of lawsuit loans, follow along with our frequently asked truck accident lawsuit loan questions. If you decide to take out a truck accident loan, apply today on our application page! How Common Are Truck Accidents? Truck accidents happen every day. Trucking is one of the primary means of moving freight in the US, so, naturally, accidents happen. 2018 brought 4,862 large trucks into fatal accidents on US roads. . As a whole, 2018 saw over 600,000 large trucks involved in crashes: 112,000 of those crashes involved some form of personal injury. What Is a Lawsuit Loan? A lawsuit loan is a type of non-recourse loan. With a non-recourse loan, instead of using the entirety of your personal value as collateral, you use your future lawsuit settlement as collateral. In doing so, you get a truck accident cash advance and can pay your bills as your case proceeds through the legal process. How Much Do Lawsuit Loans Cost? At Ally Lawsuit Loans, we don’t have a set rate. Instead, the rate can vary based on each individual’s needs. However, with a truck accident loan from Ally Lawsuit Loans, you get our lowest rate in the industry guarantee. If someone else offers you a better rate, let us know and we will rectify the situation. How Much Can I Borrow with my Lawsuit Loan? The minimum amount you can borrow from us is $500, and the maximum is $750,000. Not everyone qualifies for the maximum amount. The maximum amount you can borrow will depend on the size of your claim. Can Anyone Get a Lawsuit Loan? Lawsuit loans are typically open to anyone who is pursuing a legal claim with the help of an attorney. All you have to do to apply is give us your information and your attorney’s information. We check in with your attorney, verify the details of your case, and approve your application. In most cases, you get your loan within 24 hours! Can I Take Out a Second Lawsuit Loan? If you already have a lawsuit loan but need more financial assistance, we can often help. As long as you haven’t taken out the maximum loan available in your case, we can always offer you a second lawsuit loan for your truck accident claim. Speak with the Industry Leaders at Ally Lawsuit Loans At Ally Lawsuit Loans we always strive to improve as an industry-leading lawsuit loan company. Between our lowest rate in the industry guarantee, our easy application process, and our friendly customer service representatives, our goal is to give you the best experience possible. While your lawsuit proceeds, life does not wait. Bill collectors don’t wait for your lawsuit to finish, and truck accident loans may save you from immediate financial distress. You may feel alone in this process, but know that you have an ally in Ally Lawsuit Loans. Apply today for your truck accident lawsuit loan!

Settlement Funding for Civil Rights Cases

The civil rights of Americans include rights to freedom and equality. The United States government grants Americans these rights without regard to race, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability.  If someone violates your civil rights by discriminating, you may sue the perpetrator for the harm you suffered. Trailblazing Americans have used the legal system to fight for their civil rights. Future generations benefit from victims fighting against discrimination.   However, seeking justice for civil rights violations can take a long time. The court process may proceed slowly, while plaintiffs’ expenses continue to accumulate. How Can You Pay Bills While You Wait For Your Civil Rights Lawsuit Settlement? While civil rights lawsuit settlements can take a while to achieve, you don’t have to wait to access your cash. Many civil rights plaintiffs take advantage of settlement loans. This means that plaintiffs access their payment before their civil rights lawsuit settlement case concludes. Plaintiffs can obtain settlement cash advances for these types of civil rights lawsuits: Discrimination based on race, national origin, gender, or disabilityFair housing violations,Harassment,Police misconduct,Immigration violations,Hate crimes, andEqual credit violations. When someone discriminates against you in a civil rights violation, a lawsuit helps you seek justice. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Reconstruction Amendments to the US Constitution legally protect Americans from discrimination. In court, a civil rights attorney will advocate for you to receive payment for the discrimination you suffered. A defendant should compensate you for these civil rights violations with a lawsuit settlement.  Using a settlement loan, you can access these lawsuit settlement funds even before the lengthy court process ends. How Do You Get a Civil Rights Lawsuit Settlement Advance? To get a civil rights lawsuit settlement advance, apply with a settlement lender like Ally Lawsuit Loans. The lender will review your case, consult your attorney, and determine your chances of settling. If the lender thinks you have a good cause, the lender will approve you for a lawsuit settlement loan. Ally Lawsuit Loans approves plaintiffs within 24 hours and offers the lowest interest rates in the market. The amount the lender loans you depends on the amount of the anticipated settlement. Civil rights settlement amounts may be hard to predict because of the intangible nature of damages. However, the lender talks with your attorney to get an informed idea of your anticipated settlement. The lender also evaluates whether you have outstanding lawsuit loans before approving your application. Once you receive your settlement loan, you can pay bills while you wait for your case to settle. You owe the lender nothing while your case settles. If you lose your case, you owe Ally Lawsuit Loans nothing.  In this way, loans for civil rights lawsuit settlements can reduce your stress. You get the money you need to pay bills and don’t have to worry about your finances. You also don’t have to worry about paying anything back unless you win your case.  Apply for a Civil Rights Lawsuit Settlement Advance Today If you suffered from a civil rights violation and filed a lawsuit, you may need a settlement loan. To get cash while you wait for your civil rights lawsuit settlement, contact Ally Lawsuit Loans or call (213) 607-3399. Ally Lawsuit Loans is a lawsuit lending company that offers plaintiffs across the nation: 24-hour settlement loan approvalLowest rates in the industry No payment needed if you lose your case You don’t have to worry about your bills while you wait for your civil rights case to settle. Get help with your stress by applying for a lawsuit cash advance with Ally Lawsuit Loans.  Apply now!

assault lawsuit settlement

Unfortunately, criminal assaults remain a serious problem. According to data collected and published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), nearly three million Americans were victims of violent criminal acts in 2017 alone. An assault or battery can lead to very serious injuries. To cover medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, injured victims have the right to file a lawsuit against all responsible parties — potentially including the criminal attacker and negligent property owners or businesses. Of course, any person who has filed a lawsuit knows well: the legal claims process can be slow. Even if you have a strong case, it can still take many months, possibly longer, to get the full financial compensation that you deserve. At the same time, your bills are not going to wait. This is where legal funding offers a solution. At Ally Lawsuit Loans, we provide the lowest-cost assault lawsuit settlement loans — guaranteed. Apply today to see if you quality. Assault and Battery Lawsuit: Settlements Assault and battery injury claims are notoriously complex. While a plaintiff has the right to bring a lawsuit against a criminal attacker, often that defendant will not have much, if any, money available. As such, these cases are often filed against other parties whose negligent conduct permitted or facilitated the attack — property owners, businesses, employers, security companies, school, etc. Injured victims deserve full and fair financial compensation for their damages. Depending on the specific circumstances of the case, a victim of assault or battery may be eligible to recover financial compensation for: Property damage or property loss; Emergency room treatment;Other medical bills or health care expenses; Physical therapy; Rehabilitative care;Lost wages; Diminished earning potential;Pain and suffering;Mental distress;Scarring/disfigurement;Permanent disability; andWrongful death of a family member. Building a Case Takes Time — Pre-Settlement Funding Offers Immediate Support It takes some time to prepare an effective personal injury lawsuit. As explained by the American Bar Association (ABA), the length of the personal injury claims can vary widely. Though, the ABA notes that it typically takes between takes somewhere between three months and three years to resolve a case. The more complicated the case and the more severe the victim’s injuries, the longer it usually takes to reach a settlement. If you suffered severe injuries as a result of an assault or a battery, waiting for a settlement may cause you tremendous financial hardship. Often, injured victims have stacks of medical bills and they may also be forced to miss time at work. It is no surprise that it is easy for victims to fall behind on mortgage payments, other bills, and their day-to-day expenses. Unfortunately, defendants and insurance companies will use this pressure as a tactic. They know the plaintiffs want to speed up the claims process. They will try to get you to accept a lowball, unfair settlement. A lawsuit loan can give you the financial breathing room that you need to let your lawyer build a winning case. Why Choose Ally Lawsuit Loans for Personal Injury Funding Not every legal financing company is reliable. Sadly, some firms offer clients funding that comes with exorbitant fees or with hidden terms. Ally Lawsuit Loans is different. We are committed to efficiency, fairness, and client service. Our legal funding team makes the following promises to our clients: Lowest rate lawsuit funding in the industry — 100 percent guarantee;A truly transparent process, free from any hidden terms and conditions;Approval of your loan in as little as one day; andFriendly, helpful, compassionate customer support services. If you are considering applying for a lawsuit loan for your assault claim or negligent security lawsuit, we are available to provide support and answer your questions. Our team of top-rated customer support advocates will work with you through every step of the application process. We are here to assist you in finding a legal funding solution that works best for you and your family. Apply for an Assault & Battery Lawsuit Loan Now At Ally Lawsuit Loans, we are proud to be the plaintiffs’ preferred legal funding company. If you or a member of your family was the victim of assault or battery, and you are waiting for a financial settlement, we are here to help you get cash right away. To apply for a lawsuit loan, please fill out our contact form today. If you have any questions about our services or your financial options, we encourage you to give us a call at (213) 607-3399. We have the answers.

A knee injury can put you out of commission for quite some time. Such an injury can impact many facets of your life. Even a seemingly minor injury can worsen, and the ripple effects can compound quickly. One of the most common questions that people with knee injuries ask about is, What is the average settlement for a knee injury? If you are shopping for a lawsuit loan, this is an important question to ask. After all, you want to know how much you should borrow to cover your finances until the final settlement comes down. Every Settlement Is Different The question of knee injury settlement average amounts is difficult to answer quickly. Since every knee injury is different, and every accident that causes a knee injury is also different, every settlement is unique.   A knee injury settlement calculator won’t necessarily work to create an accurate value of your claim because no two claims are alike. The final amount of each knee injury settlement depends on a number of different factors and circumstances. However, with that said, a few things will help you estimate the potential amount of your final knee injury settlement. Severity of Injury The first factor to consider in estimating the final settlement amount is the severity of the knee injury. A more severe knee injury is going to require more medical care than a minor knee injury. As such, the more severe injury will generally lead to a higher average settlement amount. Serious knee injuries may require ongoing physical therapy to recover fully, which will undoubtedly increase the final settlement amount. On the other hand, for a knee injury that heals without surgery and physical therapy, the final settlement amount will likely be less. Pre-Existing Injuries Another potential factor that could impact the value of your knee injury is whether you had any pre-existing injuries or degenerative knee complaints prior to the injury accident. Having a prior injury doesn’t mean you won’t get any compensation. Rather, it just means that your knee injury will have to be evaluated in light of your pre-existing condition. Your attorney will explain how any degenerative issues or pre-existing injuries will impact your claim. Liability Liability also plays a factor in how much your case will be worth. You need a strong negotiator on your behalf who can argue with the other party’s insurance company. How much compensation you are entitled to receive depends in part on whether you share any blame for the accident. The laws on liability vary from state to state, and your attorney can tell you what the applicable law is where your accident occurred. Insurance adjusters know you don’t have any experience negotiating personal injury claims, so they will try to use that against you. Your attorney will be the one that can help you receive the most compensation possible. Before you can collect any money, you must show the degree to which the other party is responsible for your injuries, and an experienced attorney can help you do that.  If the insurance company denies your claim, you might need to take it to trial. Litigation can take years, which is why a lawsuit loan may be even more important. Rather than wait a year or more for potential compensation, let Ally Lawsuit Loans bridge the gap between filing a lawsuit and ultimately settling it. Type and Extent of Damages  To further estimate your final settlement amount, you can take stock of what damages you suffered as a result of the injury and the accident. Some of the types of damages that will push your final settlement up in value are: Property damage related to the accident;Emergency medical care at the time of the injury;Surgery to treat the injury;Physical therapy to recover from the injury;Other medical specialists to deal with the injury’s effects;In-home help while recovering from the injury; orMissing work as a result of the injury and your subsequent This list is just an example to show what different types of damages can arise from a knee injury. There are other types of damages that you may suffer from that will also increase your settlement’s final amount. For example, your physical pain and suffering and mental anguish—often called non-economic damages—may also have value. You can use this list as a starting point for your calculations. Your attorney will explain what your individual damages are and what your potential case value is. Generally, the more of these factors that are relevant to you, the higher your final settlement. How Accidents Cause a Knee Injury Car accidents—such as head-on impacts and sideswipes—can cause numerous injuries, including a knee injury. If someone’s knee hits the dashboard or is contorted into a weird angle during a car crash, they can sustain an injury. Some of the most common knee injuries include: Contusions and bruises;Broken bones, including a fractured kneecap;Meniscus tear; andSprained ligaments. Some people may not feel the pain immediately, but it doesn’t mean there is no injury. That is why attorneys will tell you to seek medical treatment after an accident to rule out serious injuries and to determine the extent of your injuries and needed treatment. Delaying treatment certainly won’t help a personal injury claim as insurance adjusters will claim your injury is not serious or worth much if you wait weeks to see a doctor. Speak With Your Lawyer Perhaps the best way to get an idea as to what your final settlement will look like is to contact your attorney. Your attorney should know all the facts and circumstances surrounding your case. Your lawyer can then combine this information with their knowledge from prior experience in similar cases. Combining it all, your lawyer can help you calculate a rough estimate of what a fair settlement of your case will look like. Contact Ally Lawsuit Loans Today A lawsuit loan is always helpful to bridge the financial gap between filing a lawsuit and settling it. Whether you need financial help while waiting for a car […]

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