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Motorcycle accidents tend to involve severe to catastrophic injuries. This fact comes as no surprise, given that motorcycles are less crashworthy than vehicles. Because of the potential financial exposure, insurance adjusters will look for any possible way to reduce their potential payout. That can mean your motorcycle accident lawsuit ends up taking months or even years to resolve. In the meantime, you have bills and mounting expenses you need to cover. To alleviate the stress and help reduce your financial burden, consider a motorcycle accident settlement lawsuit loan. According to recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle riders are 27 times more likely than passenger vehicle occupants to die in a crash per vehicle miles traveled. If you are struggling with finances while waiting for a motorcycle accident settlement, Ally Lawsuit Loans can help. We offer the guaranteed lowest rate pre-settlement motorcycle accident loans to plaintiffs. Our helpful team understands how frustrating and lengthy the settlement process is for motorcycle injury lawsuits. We know your bill collectors aren’t going to wait for the defendant’s insurance company to resolve your claim. We can provide you with an affordable cash advance that will help ease your stress and financial burden until your claim is finalized. How Motorcycle Accident Settlement Loans Can Help You Out Perhaps the most powerful way that motorcycle accident cash advances can help you out is by redistributing the leverage in your settlement process. Insurance companies often use the fact that they have greater resources than most individual plaintiffs as leverage. They know that you have bills that you need to pay, so they offer you a lowball settlement offer. Their bet is that you need money now, so you will settle for less than your claim is worth. However, with a motorcycle accident settlement loan in your pocket, insurance companies don’t have this option. You can pay your bills immediately and hold out for a settlement that covers the entirety of the damages you suffered. Thus, the balance of leverage in the settlement process is restored. How Do I Qualify for a Motorcycle Accident Settlement Lawsuit Loan? When considering an application for a motorcycle accident loan, we look at a number of factors. Each of the factors noted below can affect not only the approval of your motorcycle accident lawsuit loan but also its size. Do You Have an Attorney? This is the most important factor we look at. For approval of your motorcycle lawsuit loan, it is critical that you have an attorney representing you in an accident claim. Without an active accident claim, there is nothing to secure the loan. Did You Suffer Damages? The amount that you can borrow in your motorcycle accident settlement loan depends greatly on how much calculable damages you suffered. Your lawyer will help us determine the likely size of your settlement, so we can calculate how much to make available to you.  To get an idea of how much you can get in your lawsuit loan, discuss the size of your settlement with your lawyer. Otherwise, you can add up the entirety of all the damages you suffered yourself by tallying up any related receipts. How Strong Is Your Case? We will also discuss the strength of your case with your attorney to help us determine how much to loan you. Because the repayment of your loan depends entirely on your case succeeding or settling, we need to know that your case is likely to end successfully to provide the right amount in your loan. If your case isn’t likely to succeed or settle, the existing collateral may not be enough to secure the entirety of the loan. What Isn’t a Factor? A lot of things that are a factor in determining your eligibility for a traditional loan are not applicable in applying with Ally Lawsuit Loans. Some of the things that will not affect your eligibility for a motorcycle accident settlement loan include: Your credit score,Your employment history,Your rental history,Any criminal or driving record, orYour income level. None of the aforementioned factors will affect your eligibility to apply with Ally Lawsuit Loans. We want to make sure that anyone can afford to take advantage of our loans because everyone should be able to fight their case to the end. How to Apply for a Motorcycle Accident Loan At Ally Lawsuit Loans, the application process is straightforward and quick. In most cases, we can approve your application within 24 hours, and you’ll have your cash within 24 hours of approval. The application is free, and there is no background check or credit check required. Start by submitting your information using our online loan application form, or contact us by phone. We need to understand your accident circumstances and whether your case is a good fit for a lawsuit loan. We need to speak with your motorcycle accident attorney. Your attorney can explain the details of your lawsuit. We need to know their opinion on the potential outcome and decide whether your case is low risk enough for a motorcycle accident loan. Once this information is complete, we will make a decision. If we approve your application, you will have your cash advance within 24 hours. We can transfer it to your bank, mail a check, or even Western Union the money. Let Ally Lawsuit Loans Help You Cover Your Immediate Expenses Motorcycle accident lawsuits typically take a long time to resolve. Even in the early stages of your case, you may be frustrated with how long the process is taking. Apply today for a pre-settlement motorcycle accident loan, and you could have the cash to cover your mortgage, medical bills, utilities, groceries, and more in a day or two.  Ally Lawsuit Loans offers the lowest rate motorcycle accident loans guaranteed. There is no risk in applying either, as you won’t have to pay back the loan if you lose your case. Our loan specialists are available to answer all your questions 24/7. Contact us today, and […]

For many, lawsuits mean settlements and financial recovery. However, while waiting for your case to settle, you may find yourself unable to pay your everyday expenses. Fortunately, there are options. Ally Lawsuit Loans can help get you the money you need now. What Is a Lawsuit Loan? A lawsuit loan is not like a traditional loan. Lawsuit loans exist to help you get the financial help you need while waiting for your lawsuit settlement. Lawsuit loans are based on the strength of your case and likelihood of settlement, not your credit score. Best of all, you need to repay your lawsuit loan only if you recover from your lawsuit. If you do not recover a settlement, you are not required to pay back your loan. How Does an Alabama Lawsuit Loan Work? Applying for a lawsuit loan in Alabama is relatively simple. The steps are typically as follows. Contact Us to Apply We’ll help get you on the path to lawsuit funding. Our team will ask questions about you and your lawsuit. We Contact Your Attorney After we’ve gotten preliminary information from you, we’ll contact your attorney to get the rest. We work closely with your attorney to get additional information and review the details of your claim. Decision If you’ve been approved, you can expect to receive funding within 24 hours. Be sure to discuss debt settlement in Alabama with your attorney before applying. They can best guide you. If you and your attorney decide a lawsuit loan is right for you, your attorney should expect our call. The sooner we get in contact with your attorney, the quicker you can receive your funds. How a Lawsuit Loan Can Help You During your lawsuit, you may experience financial difficulties. Lawsuit loans in Alabama can help ease the stresses and burdens of the lawsuit process. Cover Medical Expenses After an accident, your injuries will likely leave you with mounting medical bills. Lawsuit funding can help you pay these medical expenses and ease your worries. Pay Monthly Bills While your lawsuit progresses, your bills will continue to come every month. A lawsuit loan allows you to pay your most essential expenses, including: Mortgage or rent,Utilities, andInsurance. Your lawsuit loan can help you stay up to date on your bills while you focus on your recovery. Allow Time for Your Settlement While many factors play a role in a lawsuit settlement, patience is one of the most crucial. When you rush the settlement process, you often receive less than you deserve. After getting a lawsuit loan, you can feel at ease, allowing your attorney to work diligently to get you the best settlement possible.  Apply For a Lawsuit Loan in Alabama Today Ally Lawsuit Loans is ready to help you get your lawsuit loan. With us, you can expect: The lowest rate in the industry;No loan repayment if you don’t settle; andA decision in 24 hours. You don’t have to struggle through financial strain while you wait for your settlement. Contact us, and let’s get you started.

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In most U.S. states, employees are hired on an ‘at-will’ basis. Under this type of system, employers retain wide discretion in making hiring and firing decisions. That being said, employers cannot remove a worker for an illegal reason or in breach of an employment contract. If an employee was unlawfully fired, then they have the right to hold their employer legally liable through a wrongful termination lawsuit. A wrongful termination claim is a complicated legal case. It is related to employment lawsuit settlement loans Indeed, reaching a settlement can take many months, sometimes even years. Of course, workers who have lost a job often need access to the money right now. With a pre-settlement lawsuit loan, funds can be made available today, while an employment lawsuit settlement case is still pending. At Ally Lawsuit Loans, we provide employees the lowest cost wrongful termination lawsuit settlement funding and the best legal funding for employment law — guaranteed. EMPLOYMENT LAWSUIT SETTLEMENT LOANS FAQ What is Wrongful Termination? With at-will employment, an employer has the right to remove an employee at any time and for any reason — potentially even for a frivolous, ill-advised, or unfair reason. Still, employers are strictly prohibited from firing an employee for an illegal reason. As explained by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), employees who have been fired for an unlawful reason have the right to seek justice and financial compensation through a wrongful termination lawsuit. These types of claims may be filed under federal law, state law, local law, or some combination of all three. Examples of Employment Lawsuit Settlement Loans Some of the most common examples of wrongful termination include: Racial discrimination;National origin discrimination;Disability discrimination;Age discrimination; Gender/sex discrimination; Sexual harassment; Wage and hour disputes;Overtime pay disputes;Retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim; Whistleblower retaliation; andBreach of an employment contract If you believe that you were wrongfully terminated, an experienced attorney in your local area will be able to assess your claim and explain your rights and options. How Much is a Wrongful Termination Case Actually Worth? The value of a wrongful termination claim can vary widely. In bringing these types of lawsuits, employment attorneys will review a wide range of different issues. As a general rule, workers who have been wrongfully terminated have a right to seek financial compensation for the full value of their damages. Depending on the specific nature of your wrongful termination claim, you may be eligible to recover monetary damages for: Back pay;Front pay;Loss of employee benefits,Loss of insurance coverage;Emotional distress;Attorneys’ fees;Other legal costs; andPunitive damages. In most wrongful termination claims, the basis of damages will be loss of current and future wages. For obvious reasons, being unjustly and unlawfully fired can cause serious harm to an employee’s career. It can damage your reputation. Many wrongfully terminated employees report experiencing tremendous financial disruption. Waiting for a wrongful termination settlement or verdict can be extremely stressful — especially if your bills are piling up right now. Legal funding provides an answer. A Lawsuit Loan Can Help Now Through a pre-settlement lawsuit loan, a wrongfully terminated employee can get access to some much-needed financial breathing room. A cash advance can help you pay your bills now, while your attorney takes the time that they need to build and present a strong and compelling employment law claim. It should be noted that you do need an attorney to get a wrongful termination lawsuit loan. Our lending specialists will work directly with your lawyer to get your pre-settlement cash advance approved. At Ally Lawsuit Loans, we are committed to providing employees with the lowest interest rate pre-settlement funding. Our goal is to let you get access to the cash that you need now in an affordable and efficient manner. Should you have any questions about wrongful termination lawsuit loans or your specific case, our legal funding specialists are more than happy to explain your options to you and help navigate all stages of the application process. Apply for a Wrongful Termination Cash Advance Today At Ally Lawsuit Loans, we offer the lowest interest rate pre-settlement funding in employment law claims, including wrongful termination losses and constructive discharge claims. If you or your family member was the victim of wrongful termination and you are pursuing a legal claim, we can help you get the funding you need right now. To apply for a wrongful termination lawsuit loan, please do not hesitate to contact our client support team today. We look forward to working with you. Check Out Our Blog

Workers comp loans

Workplace accidents remain a serious problem in the United States. According to data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 800,000 American workers are forced to miss time on the job every year because of a work injury or an occupational illness. A major workplace accident can put a huge burden on the injured worker and their family. Beyond the medical bills, a worker may also be forced to miss out on their paychecks for an extended period of time. While workers’ compensation provides much needed financial protection, the claims process can sometimes be frustratingly slow. At Ally Lawsuit Loans, we offer the lowest interest rate settlement loans for workers’ compensation claims. Pre-settlement workers’ compensation loans offer an immediate route to obtain compensation when it is needed most. If you are waiting for your workers’ compensation settlement, but you need money right now to pay your bills now, we have funding options available and you can apply for a workers’ compensation loan. Our company is committed to providing better, faster, and more affordable cash-advances to injured workers. To get more information on your workers’ compensation funding options, please do not hesitate to reach out to our lending specialists today.  Workers’ Compensation Loans are Not Available in Every State Our company is able to offer personal injury loans and car accident loans in virtually every community in the United States. However, workers’ compensation settlement loans are not available in the majority of U.S. states. Subject to change and verification, we can offer injured workers pre-settlement funding in the following states: Connecticut; Delaware; Florida; Georgia; IllinoisIndiana; Kansas; Louisiana;Mississippi; Missouri; North Dakota; Rhode Island;South Dakota; Vermont;Washington; West Virginia;  and Wyoming. As rules and regulations can change frequently, you should also check directly with one of our representatives to make sure that we can offer funding in your state. To confirm based on your current state, please contact our legal funding specialists right away. We are more than happy to help you find answers to any questions that you might have about the application process or your eligibility.  Types of Workplace Injuries That Can Qualify For a Workers’ Compensation Loan Broken bonesMalfunction from equipment resulting in injuryBack or shoulder injuriesNeck or head injuriesConstruction site injuriesVision or hearing loss Apply for Workers’ Compensation Loan – Get Help With Your Bills Now Workers’ compensation insurance programs were designed, in part, to help make sure that injured employees would have faster access to financial compensation after a major accident. This allows injured workers to pay their medical bills and provide support to their loved ones. Unfortunately, in practice, the workers’ compensation claims process is not always fast. Quite the contrary, in some cases, it can take months or years for an injured worker to get a full settlement that they rightfully deserve. If you were hurt on the job and you are still waiting for your workers’ compensation check to arrive, you can use your pre-settlement loan to: Pay for your medical treatment;Make your rent or mortgage payments; Cover your living expenses; andAccount for a portion of your lost wages. Regardless of how much funding you are eligible to receive, we always recommend that you take out only what you need to pay your bills and support your family. Workers’ Compensation Settlement Loans: How to Qualify Workers’ compensation settlement loans are based on the strength of the underlying legal case. To qualify for this type of funding, our lending specialists will work directly with your workers’ compensation attorney to determine your likelihood that you will eventually get workers’ compensation payments in the future. The stronger your legal case — meaning the more likely to are to eventually receive a workers’ compensation settlement or ongoing workers’ compensation benefits — the more likely it is that your application for pre-settlement funding will be approved. To be clear, there are no upfront fees associated with getting a loan. In addition, we will not check your credit history nor will we check your employment history. You do not need a bank account to receive funding. Eligibility for a lawsuit loan is based solely on your workers’ compensation claim.  No-Risk Workers’ Compensation Loan — You Only Pay If You Win We offer non-recourse workers’ compensation loans to people who have been hurt on the job. This type of loan is secured by a future workers’ compensation settlement. What happens if you qualify for a loan, but the claim gets denied? If you are approved for a workers’ comp pre-settlement loan, there is no risk involved. If your workers’ compensation claim is denied at a future date, then you will keep the money that you have received, and you will never have to make any payments. We will only be paid back if you win your workers’ compensation case. Period.  Why Choose Ally Lawsuit Loans If you decided to apply for a pre-settlement workers’ compensation loan, it is essential that you work with a reliable and trusted company that will treat you fairly. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous lenders that offer workers’ compensation funding with exorbitant interest rates, unfair terms, or hidden fees. At Ally Lawsuit Loans, we are the plaintiffs’ choice for pre-settlement funding. We promise: The lowest interest workers’ compensation loans — guaranteed; Cash arriving in as little as 24 hours after your approval;A streamlined, efficient application process; Fair terms that are clear and concise; andProfessional, friendly customer support that you can rely on. Applying for a workers’ compensation loan can feel like a complicated process. We make it easy. Our pre-settlement loan specialists will work directly with you and your workers’ compensation attorney to make sure that you get the best possible loan. If you have any questions or concerns about workers’ compensation funding, our team is always standing by, ready to assist you.   Ready to Apply for a Pre-Settlement Workers’ Compensation Loan? Call Us Now At Ally Lawsuit Loans, we offer the lowest interest rate workers’ compensation settlement loans to injured employees in more than a […]