Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Loans

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Loans

Pursuing a medical malpractice claim can be a lengthy legal battle.

When you hire a medical malpractice lawyer, they’ll advance legal fees to allow you to litigate your case if necessary.

The defendant’s insurance company expects you to need money to cover living expenses and medical bills.

The insurance company hopes you’ll accept less than what your claim is really worth because you need the settlement money now.

However, you have options, including medical malpractice lawsuit loans.

Read on to learn more about malpractice loans and whether one is right for you. If you have questions, please get in touch with Ally Lawsuit Loans.

How Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Loans Work

Medical malpractice pre-settlement loans can be a great option to keep your case progressing toward trial.

A lawsuit loan will allow you to cover living expenses and other bills while giving your attorney time to continue fighting for a higher settlement.

If you have a pending lawsuit for medical negligence, Ally Lawsuit Loans can help you make ends meet.

When you apply for a lawsuit loan in your state, you’ll get an advance on your potential settlement if approved.

You can use the proceeds anyway you see fit. Go ahead and pay bills or any other necessary expenses you need to pay as you wait for your case to be resolved.

For example, you may be worried about paying rent or mortgage, car payments, auto insurance premiums, or credit card bills.

You can use your loan proceeds to cover those expenses. 

Applying for a Lawsuit Loan with Ally Lawsuit Loans

Applying for a medical malpractice lawsuit loan with Ally Lawsuit Loans is fast and easy.

You’ll submit an application, and we’ll contact your attorney directly to learn more about your medical malpractice case.

This call lets us understand everything about your case so we can review whether it’s a good candidate for a lawsuit loan.

Assuming your case is a good fit, you’ll have the cash within 24 hours of funding approval.

Many applicants want to know what happens if they lose their lawsuit. How do they pay back the loan?

While it’s called a lawsuit loan, it’s not really a loan like you would take from a bank. This funding option is a non-recourse cash advance against your potential settlement.

We call it a lawsuit loan rather than a non-recourse cash advance because it’s a relatively new type of financing many people aren’t familiar with yet.

This distinction is important because it means there is no obligation to repay us should you “lose” your lawsuit.

If no settlement is reached or the jury doesn’t award you any money, we will not pursue repayment. That means no negative marks on your credit and no bill collectors harassing you.

Contact Ally Lawsuit Loans Today

If you’re researching options for medical malpractice lawsuit loans in your state, look no further than Ally Lawsuit Loans.

We offer nationwide services and have some of the lowest interest rates in the industry. We know how difficult life can be during pending litigation, especially in medical malpractice cases.

Do you want to know more about lawsuit loans for medical negligence cases?

If so, contact the team at Ally Lawsuit Loans today and let us help you ease your financial burdens without settling for less than your claim is worth.

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