National Lawsuit Funding

National Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuits can be challenging and time-consuming.

They can also present certain issues, including financial strain.

A lawsuit loan will provide financial relief during the legal process to relieve some of the stresses involved with pending litigation.

If you’re facing a lawsuit and need funds while you wait for your settlement, Ally Lawsuit Funding is here to help.

States Excluded from Lawsuit Funding

While you are able to get national settlement funding in most states, there is a short list of states where funding is unavailable. These states include:

States outside this list will have lawsuit funding available.

Cases We Handle

Ally Lawsuit Funding handles an array of legal cases. These include:

If you have any questions regarding your particular case, contact us.

Benefits of Lawsuit Funding

Being involved in a lawsuit often involves expenses and anxiety, but lawsuit funding can help with this.

Lawsuit funding has its advantages.

First, you can feel confident knowing that there is no risk in getting a lawsuit loan.

If you win, you can repay your loan, but if you do not, you owe nothing. This eliminates much of the stresses associated with lawsuits.

Legal funding also gives you the time you need.

You don’t need to rush to settle your case because you need settlement money.

With a lawsuit loan covering your expenses, you can feel free to give yourself enough time to negotiate a fair and appropriate settlement.

Legal loans can be used to pay your expenses during your lawsuit, whatever they may be.

Whether it be your mortgage, bills, or medical expenses, you can use your loan to pay whatever you need to keep yourself afloat and worry-free.

All in all, lawsuit funding has many advantages. A lawsuit loan can be exactly what you need, when you need it most.

How to Qualify for Lawsuit Funding

To find out about loan qualification, you must complete some simple steps. These necessary steps include:

  • An application. Contact us by phone or through email, and we will ask you some questions to get your application going.
  • Contacting your attorney. We like to work closely with your attorney. We’ll contact them to get some more information about your lawsuit.
  • Approval. If approved, you can expect to receive your funds within 24 hours of approval.

We’ve made the qualification process quick and straightforward.

Why Ally Lawsuit Funding?

While we know you have options for lawsuit funding, we strive to set ourselves apart. Along with our excellent customer service, we have the lowest rates in the industry. Furthermore, our loans are zero-risk to you. This means if you happen to lose your lawsuit, you owe us nothing.

If a lawsuit has you facing financial hardship, contact us, and let’s evaluate your case.

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