North Carolina Lawsuit Loans

North Carolina Lawsuit Loans

If you’re struggling to stay financially afloat during your lawsuit, you aren’t alone.

Many plaintiffs in North Carolina struggle with financial obligations after sustaining injuries in an accident.

At Ally Lawsuit Loans, we provide pre-settlement funding in North Carolina for clients who need financial support while they recover.

Our lawsuit loans help plaintiffs get a cash advance for a pending lawsuit in NC to use on rent, groceries, and other bills while they wait for their settlement.

Please don't hesitate to call our team at 213-418-1732 or apply now to see if you qualify for a North Carolina lawsuit loan.

Laws Affecting Pre-Settlement Loans in North Carolina

In North Carolina, there are a few laws that affect legal funding.

Under North Carolina’s statute of limitations, plaintiffs have three years to file a personal injury claim.

If a plaintiff tries to bring a claim after the statute of limitations expires, they most likely won’t be eligible for compensation.

In addition, North Carolina uses a pure contributory negligence system, which means that the plaintiff’s role in their own injury affects the amount of compensation they receive.

For example, if the court believes that the plaintiff is 50% or more responsible for their personal injury, they aren’t eligible for a payout.

Types of Lawsuits That Qualify for Pre-Settlement Funding in North Carolina

At Ally Lawsuit Loans, several case types qualify for pre-settlement funding in North Carolina.

These include, but are not limited to:

If you don’t see your specific case type listed here, give one of our lending specialists a call.

We can help determine if your case qualifies for a lawsuit loan.

How to Get a Cash Advance for a Pending Lawsuit in North Carolina

Getting a cash advance for a pending lawsuit in NC is easier than you think!

At Ally Lawsuit Loans, our application process is fast and easy with just three simple steps.

1. Apply for Funding

Call one of our lending specialists or fill out an application online to get started.

Make sure you provide us with as much information as you can about your case, including contact information for your attorney.

This helps expedite the process.

2. Give Your Attorney Our Contact Information

Once you apply, we work with your attorney to determine the strength of your case.

To help make the process easier, make sure you tell your attorney that you applied for a lawsuit loan and that we will be in contact with them shortly.

3. Get Approved and Receive Cash

Once you are approved, we send you cash within 24 hours. We can send your cash advance by wire transfer, money order, or check.

Apply for a Pre-Settlement Loan in North Carolina Today

If you sustain injuries in an accident and life won’t wait for your settlement, apply for a pre-settlement loan in North Carolina from Ally Lawsuit Loans today. 

At Ally, we have the lowest interest rates available and offer risk-free funding.

If you don’t win your case or get a settlement, you owe us nothing.

To learn more about pre-settlement funding in North Carolina or to apply for a lawsuit loan, call us at (213) 607-3399 or fill out our online application today.