Oklahoma Lawsuit Loans

oklahoma lawsuit loans

Has your Oklahoma lawsuit been dragging on for quite some time?

If you worry about covering your bills between now and when your case settles, you have come to the right place.

Ally Lawsuit Loans provides cash advances on settlement funding.

You may qualify in as little as 24 hours, and we offer the lowest lawsuit loan interest rates—guaranteed.

What Is an Oklahoma Lawsuit Settlement Loan?

To start with, it is not actually a loan.

Instead, it is a non-recourse cash advance against your potential lawsuit settlement.

That means we pay you cash now, and Ally gets paid back when you obtain compensation.

If you lose the case and do not receive anything, then you owe us nothing.

That is where the “non-recourse” part comes in. And it is also how our cash advances differ from loans. 

If this sounds like the lifeline you need but want to learn more, check out Oklahoma law governing litigation funding and talk with your attorney.

Lawsuit loans in Oklahoma provide the peace of mind you need while you recover and see your lawsuit through.  

How Does the Process Work?

If you want more information or are ready to apply, contact us by phone or online. We will ask some questions about you and your case.

We fund all kinds of lawsuits, including ones involving:

Then we will contact your attorney to get a better understanding of your lawsuit.

If your case seems like a good fit, we agree on an amount and approve your application.

Within 24 hours, we can wire the money to your bank account, mail you a check, send the funds by FedEx Overnight, or use Western Union. 

How Much Oklahoma Lawsuit Funding Will I Receive?

The amount of your cash advance depends on a lot of factors. Your attorney will help us determine how much your case is worth.

And only you can tell us how much you need. In the past, we have provided funding ranging from $500 to $750,000. 

What Interest Rate Will Ally Charge for a Lawsuit Loan in Oklahoma?

We cannot tell you the exact interest rate until we know the details of your litigation. But we offer the lowest rates in the industry. 

How do we keep our rates low? We do our homework and do not take every case.

If you want to get an idea of our rates, you can use our lawsuit loan calculator.

But the best way to get information specific to your situation is to call.

Contact Us Today for Pre-Settlement Funding

If you are healing after a car accident or out of work following an employment dispute, the stress of not working can be unbearable.

With a pre-settlement loan, your Oklahoma Ally can relieve that burden, so you can focus on getting back on your feet.

And because you pay nothing if you lose, there really is no reason not to call today.  

As numerous five-star reviews on Google and Facebook demonstrate, Ally Lawsuit Loans provides quality service and financial relief when you need it most.

Contact us for more information today!

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