Can My Lawyer Give Me a Loan While My Personal Injury Case Is Pending?

Loan While My Personal Injury Case Is Pending

Waiting on a personal injury claim to settle can seem like it takes forever. Your case may be in negotiations for a year or longer.

If the other parties aren’t willing to negotiate, your attorney may need to file a lawsuit, which can delay a potential resolution even longer.

At Ally Lawsuit Loans we understand that some injured victims are hurting for money to cover bills. You may be wondering whether there’s such a thing as lawyers loans while your case is pending.

Do Lawyers Give Advances on Settlements?

Unfortunately, many states won’t allow you to ask your attorney for an advance or loan to cover your living expenses while the case is pending.

Your attorney might be able to finance the litigation should a lawsuit be filed. The American Bar Association says an attorney cannot loan a client money as it could create a conflict of interest.

Instead, the attorney can put up the costs of any court-related fees with an expectation of repayment should the attorney recover compensation on the client’s behalf.

Here’s a look at some states and their stance on lawyers loans.

Can I Get a Loan from My Attorney in Alabama?

There are only a couple of instances where an attorney can finance a client’s living expenses and litigation fees in Alabama.

  • Lawyers can pay litigation expenses and court fees then deduct that amount from the settlement;
  • Attorneys can pay case costs for impoverished clients; and
  • Lawyers can advance or guarantee emergency financial assistance available for use on living expenses.

Instead of asking your lawyer for money, another option is to apply for a lawsuit loan through Ally Lawsuit Loans.

Can You Ask Your Lawyer for Money to Cover Living Expenses in Arizona?

The Arizona State Bar forbids lawyers from making or guaranteeing a loan to clients to cover living expenses.

They can advance litigation costs and fees, including the cost of a medical examination, or cover costs for indigent clients.

If you need assistance with living expenses while your case is pending, Ally Lawsuit Loans in Arizona can help.

Are Lawyers Loans Available in California?

California law prohibits an attorney from lending clients money for personal or business expenses, except in a couple of situations.

The first is when the attorney hires the plaintiff who signs a written promissory note to repay the loan.

The second is when an attorney issues a letter of protection for payments to medical providers or other interested parties.

The State Bar of California does allow lawyers to advance litigation-related costs and fees.

Inquire about a lawsuit loan through Ally Lawsuit Loans if you live in California.

Can I get a Loan from My Attorney in Florida?

Lawyers in Florida can advance litigation costs with an expectation of repayment depending on case outcome, and they can finance litigation on a client’s behalf.

If you live in Florida, learn about lawsuit loans through Ally.  

Do Lawyers Give Advances on Settlements in Georgia?

The Georgia State Bar allows lawyers to advance only court fees and expenses or pay for litigation costs if the client cannot.

If you need money for living expenses, inquire about pre-settlement funding through Ally. 

Can I Ask my Lawyer for Money in Kansas?

It’s not permitted for lawyers to advance or guarantee loans to cover living expenses in Kansas. They are allowed to advance court costs and litigation expenses, including the cost of a medical examination.

To get assistance with covering your living expenses and bills while your case is pending, check out our Kansas lawsuit loans.

Does Louisiana Allow Lawyers Loans?

According to the Louisiana Ethics and Opinions Board, lawyers can give living and litigation expenses loans under certain conditions.

Lawyers must follow strict rules, and the loans may not accrue interest. A better option may be a Louisiana lawsuit loan.

Can I Get a Loan from My Attorney in New Jersey?

Lawyers in New Jersey cannot cover a client’s personal expenses.

They are allowed only to advance litigation fees and costs or cover court fees for a client who cannot pay. If you live in New Jersey and need financial assistance while your lawsuit is pending, consider a New Jersey lawsuit loan from Ally.

How Pre-Settlement Funding Works with Ally Lawsuit Loans

Instead of asking your lawyer for money to help you get by until your case resolves, you need to contact the friendly staff at Ally.

All states allow pre-settlement funding, such as a lawsuit loan, but each state has its own regulations. You can apply online or by telephone.

You will need to include some basic information about you and details on your case. Next, our staff will consult with your attorney to discuss your case.

Provided your case is a good fit, you will receive the money within 24 hours of approval. You can choose to have the funds wired to your bank account, receive a FedEx Overnight Check, have us mail a regular check, or use Western Union.

Ally offers some of the lowest cost pre-settlement loans in the industry. Your loan size depends on the specifics of your case.

And, if you lose, you won’t have to repay the loan. Ally’s rates apply only if you win your personal injury lawsuit.

Contact Ally Lawsuit Loans

If you are an injured victim awaiting a personal injury settlement, you don’t need the added stress of wondering how you will cover your rent and other living expenses.

Don’t let your bills pile up. Instead, contact Ally Lawsuit Loans and let us help you when you need it most.

Our pre-settlement funding is available for all types of litigation and claims, including auto accidents, workers’ compensation, defective product lawsuits, slip and fall claims, and more.

Apply today and let us be your ally when you need it most.

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