Is It Easier to Get a Pre-Settlement Loan for Certain Types of Cases?

easier to get lawsuit loan for certain cases

Lawsuits can take time to settle, sometimes years. Meanwhile, bills are piling up, and your financial situation is getting worse.

We know this is an overwhelming and stressful time for you and your family. But you don’t have to drown in financial sorrows waiting for compensation from your lawsuit.

A pre-settlement loan helps families financially while their lawsuit is still pending. Of course, you want to be sure of the viability of this option.

It is easier to get a pre-settlement loan for certain cases: the more likely you are to be awarded compensation, the easier it will be to secure a pre-settlement loan.

A lender will look at the strength of your evidence and the potential value of your claim in determining whether to approve your loan and how much to loan you.

What Is Pre-Settlement Funding?

Pre-settlement funding, or a lawsuit loan, assists people in paying their bills while their lawsuit settles. It is essentially a cash advance based on your expected settlement.

Examples of types of lawsuit loans include those for:

This list is non-exhaustive. You can receive a lawsuit loan for other claims as well as long as you can show you are likely to receive a monetary settlement or award. 

Is It Easier to Get a Pre-Settlement Loan for Certain Cases?

It is not necessarily easier to get a pre-settlement loan for certain categories of cases. However, it is easier to get a pre-settlement loan for cases that have a higher chance of ending with a compensation award.

Ally Lawsuit Loans offers non-recourse cash advances. If your lawsuit is unsuccessful and you do not receive a settlement, you do not have to pay back the cash advance.

Therefore, cases with a higher chance of securing a pre-settlement loan will have a higher chance of a compensation award.

Additionally, the amount of your loan will depend on how much compensation you can reasonably expect to receive from your lawsuit.


The following are common questions regarding pre-settlement loans.

Do I Need a Credit Check to Get a Pre-Settlement Loan?

No. A credit check is not needed. Ally Lawsuit Loans also does not need to check your employment history or verify your income.

How Much Will My Lawsuit Loan Be?

The lawsuit loan amount depends on the facts of each case. As an estimate, we have offered lawsuit loans from $500 to $750,000.

What Can I Do with the Cash Advance?

You can use the money from the cash advance any way you need to. Common examples include paying for:

  • Medical bills,
  • Utility bills,
  • Mortgage or rent payments, and
  • Groceries.

You do not need to track what you buy or how much money you spend.

Contact Ally Lawsuit Loans

At Ally Lawsuit Loans, we know you are going through a difficult time. Bills are stacking up by the day, and your lawsuit is months or years away from resolution.

We offer a way to help you get the compensation you need while your lawsuit is still pending. Our pre-settlement loans have the lowest interest rate guarantee, and you pay us nothing if you lose your case.

So, what are you waiting for? Please submit an online application or call us at 213-418-1732.

Once we have reviewed your information, our dedicated team at Ally Lawsuit Loans will contact you.

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