Prime Case Funding

prime case funding

Prime Case Funding understands that litigation can take more time than a client would like - and they strive to meet specific borrowing needs for clients who need cash during their stressful case.

After speaking with the client’s attorney and getting all the information needed, they aim to have a decision made within 24 hours. Each case is considered carefully and funds all types of cases such as: personal injury, surgery funding, medical malpractice, civil cases, and false imprisonment.

Through pre-settlement case funding and post-settlement funding, Prime Case Funding helps their clients pay mortgages, medical bills, utilities during the financial burden of a lengthy lawsuit.

These cash advances are based on the potential estimates of the client’s settlement, and will only be repaid if the case is won- there is no risk for the client.

It is important to hear from past clients when trying to choose a lawsuit loan company to use for your pre-settlement funding. Here are reviews and ratings from various sources.

SourceReview Overview
Yelp18 reviews → 4.6 out of 5 stars
Google398 reviews → 4.8 out of 5 stars
Facebook132 reviews → 5 out of 5 stars
BBBA+ rating → No Reviews

Positive Feedback Clients Have About Prime Case Funding:

"I applied with them thru my law firm it took less than 3 days to receive an answer weather I was going to receive funding the paper work was submitted to me to sign Via email which was simple to read and understand you get the option to choose the way you received the funding and it came almost instantly I appreciate them after my accident I was struggling to pay simple bills and this loan i received got me back on my feet I highly recommend."

Rosemary J. left a 5 start review on Google in September 2023

"This company has once again came thru like a champ...since my accident this company has single-handedly did the most .. Prime is perfect."

Ray D. left a 5 star review on Google in September 2023

"If it wasn't for Prime Case Funding and their Swift response and Excellent Customer Service I really don't know where I would be right now. Since my accident my financial means have been exhausted and I haven't been able to work but, Prime Case Funding was able to get me a loan to help resolve some of my financial worries. Now, I can stop dealing with the financial worries of every day life and be able to maintain somewhat of a normal life outside of all my pain and health issues due to my accident and not being able to go to work If you need help try Prime Case Funding is the Best Place for you to relieve you of some of your financial worries. They're very helpful and have excellent customer service skills."

Keshaun H. left a 5 star review on Google in July 2023

"Very professional and courteous service. Greg did an awesome job of answering my questions and communicating in a timely manner. I'm grateful for their assistance during a difficult time."

Sandra H. from Heathrow, FL left a 5 star review on Yelp in April 2023.

"I recommend Prime Case Funding because customer service is impeccable. The gentleman that helped me was so nice and easy to talk with. In just a couple of hours I was funded my money, I definitely will use them in the future."

Ali B. from San Francisco, CA left a 5 star review on Yelp in October 2022

Unfavorable Outcomes for Clients Who Have Used Prime Case Funding:

"I didn't even have a loan with them. Simply needed a confirmation that I in fact never borrowed with them. A simple email. Better part of a week of Prime insisting they are sending it. Held up my loan elsewhere because they couldn't send out a freaking email. And forget about getting anyone on the phone past the receptionist. Never happen. Avoid this one like the plague."

Daniel G. on Google rated Prime Case Funding left a 1 star review in May 2023.

"I borrowed money from this company a few times. I tried to ask them for help one last time. I needed money to help support my 2 kids. I’m a single parent and I’m not working because I can’t afford a babysitte... they don’t understand that cases take a while to settle it’s not something that happens overnight. Now I’m stuck with no money and no one to help me... I would never put my trust in this company ever again. When my case settles I’m gonna remember how they offered me no help at all not even for my children."

Deodat R. on Google rated Prime Case Funding left a 1 star review in September 2022.

"Terrible. Absolutely terrible. All those 5 star reviews I’m betting are fakes. Made up. My very strong advice: DO NOT USE Prime. Prime is definitely not prime time."

Blair C. on Google rated Prime Case Funding a 1 star in August 2022.

"Everyone beware of this company! Prime case is the worse type of company you can possibly get involved with! It takes them approximately 24to72hours to review your application, then respond back to you. This company exhibits zero respect to the person requesting the loan/advance...Read the contracts your signing people. Be well.."

John L. from Bellmore, NY on Yelp rated Prime Case Funding a 1 star in April 2020.

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