Product Liability Lawsuit Loans

product liability lawsuit loans

A product liability accident can result in severe injuries that make you miss work, spend time in the hospital, and receive ongoing medical treatment.

In 2021, 11.7 million people received treatment in an emergency room for injuries caused by a consumer product.

Despite the frequency of product liability injuries, most people are not prepared to pay the expenses related to a product liability accident. That is where product liability lawsuit loans come in.

Product liability lawsuit loans give you a cash advance on your product liability settlement funds so you can pay your bills and other necessary costs while your lawsuit proceeds.

If you have questions about pre-settlement funding, contact Ally Lawsuit Loans today. 

Types of Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims typically fall into one of three categories: (1) manufacturing defects, (2) design defects, and (3) failure to warn of dangerous conditions.

A manufacturing defect claim arises when a defect alters the intended design of a product.

Manufacturing defects may affect more than one unit in a batch, but it does not affect the entire line of products.

Companies typically hire employees that evaluate for manufacturing defects before the items are packaged.

However, defective items may slip through the cracks. If a manufacturing defect causes an injury, the manufacturer may be liable for your losses.

A design defect claim arises when a product is manufactured according to its intended design, but the design itself creates a foreseeable risk of harm to consumers when the product is used for its intended purpose.

The burden is on the plaintiff to demonstrate the risk could have been reduced or avoided if the manufacturer had selected a “reasonable alternative design.”

A failure to warn claim arises when a manufacturer fails to advise users on how to use the product properly so they can avoid any dangers and include warnings about any hidden dangers in the product.

The warning must be clear, specific, and easy to find.

Product liability claims differ from other personal injury lawsuits because the victim does not have to prove negligence or intentional misconduct.

In a product liability claim, the manufacturer is strictly liable for any losses caused by the defective product.

How Can Product Liability Lawsuit Settlements Help Me?

Ally Lawsuit Loans can help you get a cash advance on your product liability settlement while you wait for your case to make its way through the process.

You do not need to let your bills fall into delinquency or rack up unnecessary late fees. Start your loan application today to learn more about getting a product liability lawsuit loan.

Ally Lawsuit Loans can offer:

  • Qualification within 24 hours of your application,
  • A guarantee that you will pay nothing if you lose your case, and
  • The best product liability lawsuit loan interest rate in the industry.

Once you fill out your application, a member of our team will contact your lawyer to discuss the facts of your lawsuit and your desired outcome.

Once you are approved, you will receive your lawsuit loan funds within 24 hours.

If you need more information about lawsuit legal funding for your product liability claim, contact Ally Lawsuit Loans today.

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