What Happens If You Sue Someone With No Money?

what is you sue someone with no money

Our legal system allows financial recovery for the injuries you suffer due to someone else’s intentional or negligent conduct. The negligent party must pay you for any damages you suffered.

You may wonder, what happens if you sue someone with no money? Is it worth suing someone with no money?

Yes, it is. Don’t worry about what happens if you sue someone and they have no money. There are other methods to use to collect your compensation.

Our goal at Ally Lawsuit Loans is to help you financially while your case is still pending.

Learn more about what happens if you win a lawsuit and they don't pay.

Alternative Ways to Secure a Judgment

A defendant’s ability to pay does not affect the success of your negligence claim.

Suppose a car driver ran a red light and hit your car. You can receive a judgment in your favor whether or not they have the money to pay it. 

And even if they have no money, there are other ways to collect your judgment, including the following.

Insurance Company

Many times, the defendant is not responsible for paying the judgment. It’s their insurance company. For example, a negligent car driver generally does not pay the injured victim. Their insurance company does.

However, if the judgment exceeds the insurance policy cap, the negligent driver is responsible for the remainder. If they have no money, try using the below methods to collect your judgment.

Asset Sale

Just because the defendant has no money it doesn’t mean they have no assets. You may be able to get the court to seize assets, such as bank accounts, to pay your judgment. 

Wage Garnishment

You may also be successful in wage garnishment. A court order allows you to collect a percentage of a defendant’s wages to pay your judgment.

For example, you may get 15% of the defendant’s salary until the judgment is satisfied. 

Property Judgment

You may also be able to attach your judgment to the defendant’s property, such as a house.

If the defendant sells the property, you are entitled to the sale proceeds to satisfy your judgment. If any proceeds are remaining, the defendant would get them.

Repayment Plans

Another option to recover your judgment is repayment plans. If the defendant has minimal assets and wages, they can pay you monthly installments until your judgment is satisfied.

Why Is It Important to File Your Judgment Even If the Defendant Has No Money?

Defendants may not have money, flowing income, or assets now. But they might in the future. If you have a valid judgment against them, you can collect compensation when they have the finances.

But there is a time limit to bring personal injury cases. If this deadline passes and you don’t file a lawsuit, you won’t be able to secure a judgment anymore.

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