What Is the Average Settlement for Spinal Infusion?

spinal fusion settlement

After a serious accident, you may have spinal damage and be going after a spinal fusion lawsuit settlement.

If you’ve suffered a spinal injury and are required to have spinal fusion surgery, you have legal options.

Outlined below, we will discuss the average settlement for spinal fusion and provide a few options for getting a pre-settlement loan.

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What Is a Spinal Fusion?

Spinal fusion is a type of surgery performed on the spine.

After sustaining a severe injury to your spine, a spinal fusion is often required to repair the spine.

This particular type of surgery involves fusing bones together or replacing damaged discs in the spine with bone grafts secured with plates and screws.

Spinal fusion techniques mimic the way bones would typically heal.

They are usually performed on the neck (cervical spine) or back (lumbar spine). Spinal fusion surgery can impose limitations.

After surgery, you will experience a limited range of motion and loss of strength. Spinal fusions will also require time to heal. 

Common Accidents That Lead to Spinal Fusion Surgery

Many different kinds of accidents can cause serious injury to the back and require a spinal fusion.

Some of the most common include:

Typically, any accident that produces a significant jolt to the neck or back can lead to fractures in the spine or disc damage.

What Is the Average Settlement for Spinal Fusion Surgery?

The average settlement for spinal fusion varies.

Every single case is different, and many factors are taken into consideration when calculating a settlement.

For these reasons, there is no “average” spinal fusion lawsuit settlement.

Your settlement will depend on your particular case, considering the specific surgery performed, among other details.

The only way to accurately know what your case is worth is by consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney.

How Much Money Can You Get From a Spinal Fusion Surgery Lawsuit Settlement?

Spinal fusion surgeries will usually affect your personal injury settlement, often increasing the value of your case.

Because these surgeries are complex and require significant healing time, settlements can reach up to six figures. 

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Factors Influencing the Average Settlement for Spinal Fusion

Personal injury settlements depend on the damages suffered by the plaintiff.

Common factors that affect your spinal fusion settlement amount may include:

Many times your settlement will not only depend on your surgery but also your prognosis after surgery.

If you are unable to return to work or require more care and medical treatment in the future, this can increase your spinal fusion settlement amount. 

Do I Need an Attorney to Handle My Case?

While you are not required to have an attorney, these types of cases can be unique and complex.

To get the maximum amount of compensation, you must seek legal representation from a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney.

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