Why Sell Your Structured Settlement and Annuity Payments

selling annuity payments

Structured settlements and other forms of annuity payments are very useful financial products.

With them, you can spread income through a repeating series of payments.

For many people, annuities allow them to balance their finances and ensure financial stability in the long term.

Sometimes, however, unexpected things happen in our lives. This is particularly true of finances.

When accidents happen and bills need paying, there really are no two ways about it. In such a situation, the income you receive from your annuity may not be enough for what your current needs are. 

Luckily, if you find yourself in such a situation, you still might have options. One of the best options you have is to sell your annuity payments.

Ally Lawsuit Loans can help you by giving you cash for your annuity payments. We can also serve you as a structured settlement buyer.

By selling your annuity payments to Ally Lawsuit Loans, you can take care of whatever your imminent financial needs are.

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How Do Structured Settlement and Annuity Payments Work?

Not everybody knows about annuity payments and structured settlements. This is because, unlike a credit card, an annuity isn’t something we typically encounter in our day-to-day lives.

If you find yourself on this page, someone might have already offered you an annuity or a structured settlement, so it is important to know how they work.

Annuities in General

Structured settlements are a form of annuity, so it is helpful to understand annuities in a general sense before going into structured settlements. 

At the macro level, an annuity is a contract between two parties. In the agreement, one party agrees to hold onto the assets of the other party and distribute those assets at set intervals.

The assets are either transferred through a one-time payment or through periodic payments such as a percentage of a person’s paycheck. 

Often, the party holding on to the assets agrees to invest the assets while they are in their control. This is typically what happens when workers pay into a 401k or other sort of retirement fund.

They set up annuity payments for when they retire, thus ensuring stable income aside from social security or other government-funded retirement income.

As with most contracts, the structure of the annuity is fairly open. As a result, annuities can come in many different forms.

Structured Settlements

A structured settlement is a specific type of annuity. Structured settlements arise out of claims in civil court. One party ends up owing another party for damages they caused them.

Although litigants always have the option of recovering their damages in a lump sum, they can alternatively recover their damages at regular intervals by negotiating a structured settlement.

If that happens, the defendant will owe the plaintiff a specified amount of money at whatever interval they agree to.

How Can Selling My Annuity Payments or Structured Settlement Help Me?

As we noted earlier, life is unpredictable. You may have negotiated a structured settlement or set up annuity payments for the future, but things change.

Getting cash for annuity payments now helps you maintain financial flexibility. With that flexibility, you can take care of whatever your immediate financial needs are.

Some of the most common things that people use their money for are:

  • Paying bills,
  • Starting a business,
  • Buying a house, and
  • Paying for school.

You may still wonder, why sell my settlement payments? Won’t I lose money? Although you will often receive less money in the end by selling your annuity, that loss is often offset by the benefit of having cash in your hand now.

To illustrate this, read through the following examples.

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If you are interested in selling your annuity payments or structured settlements, Ally Lawsuit Loans can help.

Pay Bills

If your bills are starting to pile up, it is often difficult to dig yourself out of a financial hole. As more bills come in and remain unpaid, they gain interest.

Sometimes, as with credit card debt, that interest is no small sum. Regardless of what bills you have to pay, selling your annuity or structured settlement payment can help you dig out of the financial hole.

Often, in the end, you will save yourself from paying a lot of interest in the future by taking advantage of selling your annuity payments.

Start Your Own Business

Owning a business is a significant part of “The American Dream” and our shared national heritage. After all, the wealth of our country was built by business owners.

Even our founding fathers themselves were business owners. Getting your business off the ground, however, can take a lot of money.

If you don’t have the resources to start your business, you might consider a business loan. Like other loans, a business loan will have an interest.

If you have a structured settlement or annuity, however, you can get your business started now without losing a lot of money to interest on a business loan.

Put a Down Payment on a House

Like starting a business, buying a house is expensive. Nevertheless, buying a house is typically a financially prudent decision. Real estate tends to grow in value pretty consistently.

Like other loans, mortgages have interest rates. As a result, in the end, you may pay six figures more for your house than you initially thought.

The more you can put into your down payment, the less interest you owe. Thus, selling your structured settlement or annuity payments to help bolster the down payment on your home can save you a considerable amount of money. 

Pay for College

Like everything else in this list, college is quite expensive. Student loans are doubly so. You may have a child or grandchild that you want to help put through college, or you may want to go to college yourself.

A college education will usually pay for itself in increased income over a lifetime, so college is a good investment.

Whether you are saving for college for yourself, saving for someone else, or just want to pay off your student loans, selling your annuity payments can help you reach that goal.

How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement or Annuity Payments?

If you are interested in selling your structured settlement or annuity payments, Ally Lawsuit Loans can help.

We aren’t just a lawsuit loan company; we also pay cash for structured settlement and annuity payments. We are an industry leader in all sides of our business, and we offer the best rates in the industry.

We also ensure that we get our clients the money they need as quickly as possible. We know that life doesn’t wait, so you shouldn’t have to wait either. We can buy your annuity payments in a lump sum or buy part of them.

Whatever your needs are, we are here to serve them. Get in touch with us online or call (844) 277-1772 to get started today.

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