Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loans

wrongful death lawsuit loans

Are you pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit that is taking a considerable amount of time to resolve?

Unfortunately, wrongful death lawsuits can take months or even years to resolve in some instances.

In the meantime, you and your family have to struggle with finances as you grieve the loss of a loved one.

There is an option, though. Have you heard of lawsuit loans?

Wrongful death lawsuit loans can provide much-needed financial assistance while your lawsuit is pending.

At Ally Lawsuit Loans, we specialize in pre-settlement funding, such as lawsuit settlement loans. We know how frustrating and time-consuming the litigation process typically is.

When a loved one dies, you likely cannot wait years for your case to settle—especially if they were the primary wage earner in your family.

Your attorney can continue litigating your wrongful death lawsuit if you apply for a lawsuit loan.

Why Do People Apply for Lawsuit Loans?

Insurance companies know families have bills to pay and may desperately need money after a family member dies.

Unfortunately, the claims adjuster may use that against you by extending a lowball settlement offer or denying your claim outright.

Applying for a lawsuit loan can give you substantial leverage over the insurance company.

When the insurance company offers less than your case is worth, they hope you will settle now.

Your family gets a little money, and they can close their case and reduce their overall payout rather than paying what your wrongful death claim is worth.

If they deny your claim, they are betting you will walk away and not hire a lawyer to represent your family's interests. You should never accept a settlement without first speaking with an attorney.

People who receive a lawsuit loan can pay bills and handle day-to-day expenses without additional financial strain.

You can hold out for as long as it takes for your attorney to resolve your case for its total value, not some insulting lowball offer.

How Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loans Work

Lawsuit settlement loans give plaintiffs access to the potential settlement upfront. Rather than waiting for your case to resolve, you get an “advance” on your future settlement.

You are free to use the money as needed, whether it’s for pending household expenses or other mounting bills.

Applying for a wrongful death lawsuit loan through Ally Lawsuit Loans is straightforward. Start by applying online or contacting one of our helpful representatives on the phone.

We will prompt you to answer some basic questions about you and your claim.

Next, we will reach out to your wrongful death lawyer to discuss your case in greater detail. Once we better understand your wrongful death lawsuit, we can render a decision on your loan.

If we feel your case is a good fit, we will approve right away. You could have cash in hand within 24 hours of approval.

When it comes to receiving your loan, Ally Lawsuit Loans offers several options. We can mail you a check, transfer the money to your bank account, or send the amount via Western Union.

You only need to let us know which method is best for you.

Before submitting your application, try the Ally Lawsuit Loan Calculator on our website. This tool will allow you to estimate your possible interest rate.

Note that the calculator tool uses average funding rates. It won’t be your exact rate. Once you submit your application, we can advise you on your specific interest rate.

How Repayment Works with Lawsuit Settlement Loans

You might be wondering how the repayment works and what happens if you don’t receive any money in your case. Are you required to make regular payments on lawsuit settlement loans?

And do you have to pay back the money should you lose your case?

Lawsuit loans work differently than traditional loans that you might be imagining. You don’t have regular monthly payments you are responsible for making.

Instead, we will take your loan repayment when you finally get your wrongful death lawsuit settlement or jury award. But what happens if your attorney loses your case?

It will likely surprise you to learn that you won’t need to come up with the money to pay us back.

We don’t necessarily approve all applications for lawsuit loans, which is why we need to speak with your attorney before deciding. Applying for pre-settlement funding through Ally Lawsuit Loans is low risk.

You don’t need to pay back the money if you don’t receive a favorable wrongful death lawsuit settlement or trial verdict.

Why Choose Ally Lawsuit Loans?

With many options for wrongful death lawsuit loans, you might be wondering why you should choose Ally Lawsuit Loans?

With our 24-hour funding after approval and guaranteed lowest interest rate, you’ll find Ally Lawsuit Loans one of the country’s best companies.

We have years of experience funding wrongful death lawsuit loans.

Ally Lawsuit Loans can help you get the money you need while your lawsuit remains pending. Start your loan application today to learn more about how we can assist you.

With Ally Lawsuit Loans, you could have the cash you desperately need in your bank account as soon as tomorrow. Contact Ally Lawsuit Loans for more information today.

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