Taxotere Settlement Funding

Taxotere Settlement Funding

When you are suffering from cancer, you tend to follow your doctor’s orders. You do this as a patient because you trust your doctor’s expertise.

They have the best experience and knowledge available in the fight against cancer. The foundation of the relationship is trust.

If a doctor’s order worsens your condition or otherwise causes a new condition, then the trust is damaged. That is exactly what happened to many individuals who took Taxotere as a cancer treatment.

Despite its efficacy in reducing the spread and proliferation of cancer cells in a patient’s body, the chemotherapy drug can cause several other health problems.

Facing these harmful effects, countless individuals have chosen to sue over the harmful side effects of Taxotere. 

If you were affected by Taxotere, you deserve compensation. You can seek compensation by filing a lawsuit or joining an ongoing lawsuit.

Still, filing a lawsuit takes time. With the extra medical care costs you are already facing, can you really afford to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit? While it may feel like the answer is “no,” it doesn’t have to be.

Instead, you can say “yes” by taking out a Taxotere lawsuit loan from Ally Lawsuit Loans.  It may feel like it’s you against the world right now, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You have an ally in Ally Lawsuit Loans. 

The Harmful Effects of Taxotere

As noted, Taxotere is a chemotherapy drug that works by slowing the spread and growth of cancer cells.

Unfortunately, the drug can also slow the spread and growth of other cells in our body. When that happens, our bodies suffer.

With Taxotere, some of the harmful effects that manifest themselves include:

  • Permanent hair loss;
  • Bone density, nail, and tooth loss;
  • Intestinal swelling; and
  • Allergic reactions.

Some of these effects, including intestinal swelling and allergic reactions, are potentially fatal. The most common side effect is permanent hair loss.

The permanent hair loss caused by the drug is the subject of much of the ongoing litigation surrounding Taxotere.

Ongoing Taxotere Lawsuits

As noted, the main subject of the lawsuits Taxotere faces is permanent hair loss. Plaintiffs allege that the manufacturer, Sanofi-Aventis engaged in illegal marketing tactics, among other things.

Part of the accusation is that Sanofi knew of the risks of permanent hair loss. Instead of releasing their findings to the public, they buried the information and downplayed the risk of developing permanent hair loss.

As of today, there are pending Taxotere cases in all 50 states. In total, there are more than 11,000 claimants. The outcome of all these cases is far from over, so you still have time to file your own claim.

Alternatively, you could join a class in a class-action lawsuit against Sanofi. Whatever route you decide to go with your claim, a pre-settlement loan from Ally Lawsuit Loans can help you fight your claim to its conclusion.

How Much Can I Sue For?

Taxotere lawsuit settlement amounts will differ from case to case. No two individuals suffer from the exact same damage. As a result, no two plaintiffs, outside coincidence, will end up with the same Taxotere settlements.

The best thing you can do to get a ballpark figure of your claim’s worth is to consult with your attorney.

When they take your case, your lawyer will help you figure out exactly what damages you can recover in your unique circumstances.

Why Choose a Lawsuit Loan?

If you need a loan and have a pending lawsuit, a lawsuit loan is the lowest risk option available. That’s because lawsuit loans, a form of a non-recourse loan, differ from traditional recourse loans in one key aspect: defaults.

When you take out a typical recourse loan, in the event of default your lender can seek repayment of their funds through any of your assets.

House, car, or stocks, it doesn’t matter. Lenders of recourse loans can seize whatever they need to recover their funds.

The same is not true of lawsuit loans, as lawsuit loans represent a form of non-recourse lending. When you take out a non-recourse loan and default, the only asset your lender can seek repayment through is your lawsuit loan.

Your non-recourse loan agreement relies only on a specific piece of collateral. With lawsuit funding, the collateral is the eventual settlement itself.

This means that if you lose your case or do not settle out of court, you don’t have to repay Ally a single cent. How’s that for low risk?

How Do I Qualify for Taxotere Legal Funding?

Qualifying for Taxotere settlement funding is a quick and easy process. We don’t look at credit scores, total assets, or employment records. Instead, we look at just two things:

  1. That you have an attorney representing you; and
  2. Your lawyer is representing you in a Taxotere lawsuit.

That’s right. All we need to know is that you have an attorney who is filing a lawsuit on your behalf. We will talk to your lawyer about your case and its value and get back to you within 24 hours.

From there, we can put money into your bank account within just one more day. 

Can I Take out Two Taxotere Settlement Loans?

Whether you can take out a second Taxotere settlement loan depends on your initial loan. If you borrow the maximum amount possible in your first Taxotere lawsuit loan, we can’t give you a second one.

However, if you do not exhaust the entirety of your available funds in your initial loan, you can, up to the limit, take out an additional Taxotere lawsuit loan.

Let’s Talk About Your Claim

If you are interested in a Taxotere lawsuit loan, give us a call at Ally Lawsuit Loans, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

A leader in the settlement funding industry, we at Ally Lawsuit Loans give all our clients our unique three point guarantee:

  1. Qualify within 24 hours;
  2. Never pay us a penny if you lose your case or fail to settle out of court; and
  3. We guarantee that our loan rates are the best in the industry.

These guarantees underpin our business model and are responsible for our success. Put plainly, we offer the best service we can to all our clients.

Without our clients, after all, we wouldn’t have a working business model. Don’t wait until the last second to shore up your finances; take control of your financial situation with the help of an ally. Apply today with Ally Lawsuit Loans!

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