Pre-Settlement Funding for Workplace Harassment Cases

pre-settlement funding for workplace harrassment cases

Workplace harassment is a tricky issue to navigate. In some cases, you may lose your job once you file a workplace harassment lawsuit.

This lack of income may prevent you from paying your bills and other living expenses.

Pre-settlement funding for workplace harassment cases is a cash advance on your settlement funds that can help you make ends meet while your case proceeds through the lawsuit process. 

Workplace harassment lawsuits take time. You can use your lawsuit loan to pay for necessities, giving your attorney time to secure the best settlement offer possible.

Reach out to Ally Lawsuit Loans today to fill out your application. 

How Much Is a Harassment Case Worth?

The value of a workplace harassment claim differs from case to case. The value of your claim will depend on the losses you incurred due to workplace harassment.

Common losses in a workplace harassment case include:

  • Lost wages,
  • Value of benefits like insurance,
  • Retirement benefits,
  • Stock options, 
  • Paid time off,
  • Profit sharing, or
  • Bonuses.

The potential value of your case is obviously a crucial piece of information in the lawsuit loan context since your case’s value will dictate the amount of your loan.

Ally Lawsuit Loans will talk to your attorney to determine the value of your workplace harassment case.

Examples of Harassment Cases

Workplace harassment can occur in many different scenarios. Ally Lawsuit Loans offers pre-settlement funding for workplace harassment cases involving:

  • Bullying,
  • Inappropriate jokes,
  • Sexual harassment,
  • Unwanted sexual advances, or
  • Creating a hostile work environment.

Lacking adequate funding should not prevent you from seeking compensation for workplace harassment.

Pre-settlement funding can help you keep your head above water while you wait for your case to conclude.

Do I Have to Pay Back My Workplace Harassment Lawsuit Loan If I Lose My Case?

Lawsuit settlement loans are non-recourse loans, meaning you do not have to repay the loan if you do not secure a settlement or judgment in your favor.

Additionally, you do not make monthly payments on a lawsuit loan. Instead, the amount of your advance is deducted from your recovery. 

How Do I Qualify for Workplace Harassment Pre-Settlemnet Funding? 

At Ally Lawsuit Loans, your interest rate varies based on the strength of your workplace harassment claim.

If your claim is likely to succeed, the lower your interest rate will be. Unlike some lawsuit loan companies, we do not accept every case.

That is why we can offer lower interest rates than our competitors. When you apply for pre-settlement funding, we will not request your employment history and current income level to make a decision.

Contact Ally Lawsuit Loans Today to Apply

If you need funding while you wait for your workplace harassment case to conclude, Ally Lawsuit Loans is here to help.

You can start the lawsuit loan process by contacting our staff online or by phone. Our team will gather basic information about you and the details of your workplace harassment case.

Next, we will contact your lawyer to ensure we know the facts of your claim. Once you complete your application, we will notify you within 24 hours if approved.

If you are ready to apply or want more information about workplace harassment lawsuit loans, contact Ally Lawsuit Loans today.

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