Oasis Financial, LLC

Oasis Financial, LLC was founded in 1996 by attorneys who wanted to find a financial solution for their clients struggling to pay bills and making ends meet during their lawsuits.

How Oasis Legal Financial Works

oasis legal financial

Oasis aims to provide financial assistance via pre-settlement funding while the case is being handled, which is a good option for people who need extra cash to get the bills paid.

The funding amount is based on the estimated settlement once the case has been closed, and is non-recourse: meaning the client only pays Oasis Legal Finance, LLC back if they win their case.

How Ally Lawsuit Loans and Oasis Legal Financial Compare

When looking for legal funding, you should compare all of your options. Here are some of the ways that Ally Lawsuit Loans compares to Oasis Legal Financial.

Ally Lawsuit Loans Guarantees the Lowest Rate in the Industry

For most lawsuit funding companies, the interest rate depends on the nature of your case. At Ally Lawsuit Loans, we guarantee the lowest interest rate in the industry.

Both Companies Offer Risk-Free Settlement Funding

Both companies offer risk-free funding for lawsuits. This means that if you don’t win your case, then you do not have to pay back the funding amount. 

How Long Does it Take for the Companies to Approve Applications?

Oasis Financial estimates two full business days to review funding applications. However, they also state that approval for funding varies based on the type of case.

Ally Lawsuit Loans approves most funding within 24 hours.

Neither Company Performs a Credit Check on Applicants

Both Ally Lawsuit Loans and Oasis Financial ignore the credit history of clients applying for lawsuit funding.

What’s the Average Lawsuit Funding Amount?

Ally Lawsuit Loans provides lawsuit funding anywhere between $500 and $750,000, depending on the case value.

As a standard, Oasis Financial only offers funding between $500 and $100,000 in most cases.

A pre-settlement fund is when a client receives part of their own settlement upfront and is repaid with the settlement the client receives at the closing of their case.

To get a lawsuit cash advance from Oasis Financial, plaintiffs apply on an online form. Oasis Financial reviews the case and contacts the plaintiff’s attorney for more information.

After this review, Oasis determines whether to offer the plaintiff a settlement cash advance.

Oasis Financial Pricing

Customers do not pay an application fee to apply for a settlement cash advance from Oasis Financial, and the company requires no upfront charges.

Oasis offers cash advances ranging from $500 to $100,000. 

Plaintiffs with higher settlement potential (as determined when Oasis Financial reviews each case) are eligible for more money in an Oasis advance.

Cash advances are typically between 5-10% of the final settlement.

Oasis Financial handles multiple types of cases, including auto accidents, road traffic injuries, workers’ comp, workplace negligence, and others.

The company advertises that they will deliver funds to an applicant’s account within 24 hours, once Oasis Financial reviews and approves the lawsuit cash advance.

However, this promise includes the disclaimer “as permitted by your state laws,” indicating the lender may not deliver cash that quickly in all states.

Benefits of Using Oasis Financial

Oasis Financial claims that it is the “largest and most recognized national brand in legal finance.”

The plaintiffs in extended personal injury litigation may find Oasis Financial’s cash advances helpful. While plaintiffs wait for their case to settle, their medical bills pile up.

Many plaintiffs may be unable to work, putting them in a financially compromised position.

Oasis Financial steps in to fill that cash gap, claiming to be a “financial lifeline” for struggling personal injury plaintiffs.
With a cash advance from Oasis or other lawsuit settlement advance lenders, plaintiffs access their award before their case settles.

Oasis claims that plaintiffs who lose their cases are not obligated to repay their lawsuit cash advance.

Disadvantages of Using Oasis Legal Financial

Online review site Highya reviewed Oasis Legal Financial. It found Oasis Financial stands out from some other lenders in that it focuses exclusively on lawsuit funding. 

However, Highya determined that the most common customer complaints against Oasis Financial were “high fees, which in some instances amounted to more than the final settlement.”

If plaintiffs do not repay Oasis cash advance quickly, fees and interest charges could add up to a significant repayment amount.

So, if your case extends long after Oasis gives you funding, you face larger sums of interest charges.

The State of Colorado sued Oasis Financial in 2010 for “deceptive trade practices and unlicensed lending.”

The Colorado Attorney General wanted the company to make proper disclosures to consumers who apply for lawsuit cash advances. 

Get Out of Debt Guy reports that before the lawsuit, Oasis was charging customers interest rate APRs “ranging from 60 percent to 125 percent.” 

Oasis countersued the State of Colorado, asserting that “the state was improperly trying to regulate them as lenders under the Uniform Consumer Credit Code.”

SourceReview Overview
Yelp34 Oasis Legal Financial reviews total → 1.7 out of 5 stars
Google448 Oasis Legal Financial reviews → 3.5 out of 5 stars
Facebook53 Oasis Legal Financial reviews total→ 2.3 out of 5 stars
BBBA+ rating, 55 Oasis Legal Financial reviews → 1.82 out of 5 stars

Positive Reviews For Oasis Legal Financial, LLC:

"The gratitude I have, i usually have something fun to say;today , I needed help out of my financial situation due to an accident an I was searching for help, and I seen oasis online not knowing anything about them,it was just a hunch an a hope.I reached out to them and within 24 hours they approved me. Like it was instant .my heart was heavy with life.. we all have a story ..Words can't express how much compassion this place has given me.. Truely grateful Truely thankful & Truly blessed. Thank you I can feel like I'm living."

Shannon M. left a 5 star review August 2023 via Yelp.

"My case manager was very friendly and very professional, and she did an outstanding job with explaining things and it was an fast and easy process. They helped me in my time of need and made me feel comfortable during this process. Thank you oasis"

Kimesha J. left a 5 star review via Google August 2023

"Oasis was a life saver, I still cannot believe how quick and hassle free the process was. I reached out to my attorney on Wednesday and by Friday I was funded. They were professional and their contract is very short and easy to understand. No hidden fees and the interest rate is very good. Fund with them, you won’t be disappointed."

Erica H. left a 5-star review on Google July 2023

Negative Reviews for Oasis Legal Financial, LLC:

"Couldn't get anything accomplished in three days after applying. Received an email that my application had been processed, and to contact my attorney to let them know Oasis needs to speak to them in order to go forward and approve anything. Contacted my attorney several times and he called over and over again and couldn't reach anyone... After experiencing a hassle to get someone to speak with the attorney and reading the reviews of people who had the same experience and also very high interest rates that somehow double the amount of their loans I am no longer interested in working with this company. I'm already in a bad place constantly trying to move forward with them, but I do not want to end up owing double the amount of the loan, so I will try to find another company that actually helps people."

George W. 1 out of 5 star review left on Google in September 2023

"I was referred to this company by my attorney. After my nearly fatal car accident on 9/11/22 I was out of work for 7 months without any income. Since then i have been trying to catch up on my bills so I won’t lose my home. I have been reaching out to my attorney on the status of my case since April when I completed physical therapy but there haven’t been any major movement to my case... My attorney recommended Oasis as their referral company... The customer service has been horrible the lines of communication is bad. It was a bad experience for someone that’s already dealing with a life crisis."

Keyundra B. left a 1 star review on Google September 2023

"I was able to get an advance with no problem. When I applied for a 2nd advance, I was denied because I have an open bankruptcy. This was a BS reason to deny my application, given the fact that I already had an open Bankruptcy when I applied for the first loan that was approved! The main rub was all of the calls and hoops the team went through to get the fees waived so that I could have all of my funds only to be denied! How disappointing. I'm sorry that I ever did business with Oasis Financial."

Dm D. left a 1 star review on Yelp September 2023

"If you're considering doing business with Oasis Financial, think again. Their loan approval process is unreliable at best, and at worst, downright deceptive. I speak from personal experience: after promising me a loan, they abruptly changed their minds and left me in a desperate situation, causing me to lose both my house and my business. What's more, their underwriters seem to only approach loans that are guaranteed to be a success, completely ignoring the fact that emergencies often require a more flexible approach. Trust me, don't make the same mistake I did by relying on Oasis Financial. Look elsewhere for a more trustworthy and reliable financial partner."

Algenaun B. left a 1 star review on Yelp April 2023

Get a Lawsuit Funding Quote from Ally Lawsuit Loans

When you need cash while waiting for your lawsuit settlement, contact Ally Lawsuit Loans.

Our lowest interest rate guarantee and quick application approval make applying for a lawsuit cash advance simple.

We will let you know if you qualify within 24 hours. We are also risk-free; if you lose your case, you owe us nothing.

Lawsuits are financially and emotionally stressful, but we can help. Apply today and relieve some of your stress.

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