Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding

personal injury lawsuit funding

An accident often creates significant hardship for the victim—from the financial burden of medical bills to the long-term implications of your injury.

In addition, an accident can leave you unable to work and earn income for your family.

Unfortunately, many plaintiffs hesitate to file an injury claim due to the cost of a lawsuit.

The cost of bringing a case and the slow court process can make it challenging to keep your head above water.

Luckily, personal injury financing can help you make ends meet while you wait for your case to settle.

Injury settlement loans are cash advances of a settlement that give the plaintiff some of their money right away.

With Ally Lawsuit Loans, you will know whether you qualify for funding within 24 hours. Ally Lawsuit Loans can also offer you the lowest rate in the industry.

What Kind of Personal Injury Claims Qualify for Settlement Funding?

A personal injury claim arises when someone’s negligent or wrongful conduct results in an injury to a victim.

Common incidents that lead to an injury claim include:

Any of these claims can take well over a year to reach a settlement.

It is not uncommon for an injured person to need extra money between the time they file a lawsuit and the time the claim settles, especially if the injury accident affected their ability to work or resulted in excessive medical bills.

By securing personal injury financing, you can pay your continuing financial obligations while you wait for your settlement to finalize.

Do I Have to Pay Back Personal Injury Financing If I Lose My Case?

A lawsuit loan works differently than a standard loan. Lawsuit settlement loans are non-recourse loans.

That means you do not have to pay back the loan if you do not prevail in your legal claim. Additionally, you do not make monthly payments on a lawsuit loan.

Instead, the repayment is deducted from your eventual settlement.

Securing Funding for Your Personal Injury Lawsuit!

No credit check. Fast approval. Lowest rate.

How Do I Qualify for Injury Financing? 

At Ally Lawsuit Loans, your interest rate varies based on the strength of your underlying personal injury claim.

The stronger your claim, the lower your interest rate. We can keep our interest rates low because we do not accept every case.

Unlike other types of loans, your employment history and current income will not factor into the application process.

Your interest rate is based entirely on the likelihood that you will prevail in your case.

Contact Ally Lawsuit Loans Today to Apply

Applying for funding with Ally Lawsuit Loans is straightforward.

You begin the process by contacting our staff online or by phone and giving them basic information about yourself and your legal claim.

Next, our team will consult your attorney to ensure we understand the details of your claim. Then we will notify you within 24 hours if you are approved.

To learn more about securing funding for your personal injury suit, please call us at 844-771-2957 or apply now.

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